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  Barrie is considered the second fastest-growing city in Canada, since it has an annual growth rate of no less than 4.9%. Its banner also demonstrates this: “Barrie …


Barrie is considered the second fastest-growing city in Canada, since it has an annual growth rate of no less than 4.9%. Its banner also demonstrates this: “Barrie means business”. The city is experiencing a speedy development, mainly when it comes to services that attract companies searching for a new setting and infrastructure. The great thing is that the development hasn’t affected the gorgeous aspect of this astonishing small historic city located on Lake Simcoe’s shores.


Investing in Barrie is an excellent idea and you are about to find out why. First of all, when it comes to cost competitiveness, this city surpasses other towns in Ontario. Plus, its numerous industries keep developing and they include metal processing and plastics, electronics and electrical equipment, traditional manufacturing of packaging, industrial automation, as well as geo-synthetic biosciences. The real estate market is extremely developed as well, so if you’re looking for great homes for sale in Barrie, you’ll stumble upon some of the most competitive prices.


Barrie has an opportune location, since it is situated close to over 60% of the Canadian market, as well as to the Pearson International Airport. Plus, you don’t need more than 40 minutes to arrive at the Industrial Research and Development Institute Facility, and note this is one of the biggest private industrial engineering R&D facilities from all over the globe. Additionally, the city features a fair municipal tax system, a modern fiber optic telecommunications infrastructure, more than 1,000 acres of industrial land, Go Train, a Cancer Centre, as well as RVH (Royal Victoria Hospital).

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The real estate MLS in Barrie offers stunning homes and townhomes, so regardless of your chosen location the view and the amenities will be memorable. The authorities are constantly making efforts to help Barrie flourish as the heart of Simcoe County, and also as its only nominating urban growth centre. An array of planning and implementation projects is meant to help the town achieve success and make the most of its growth.


When you decide to invest your resources in real estate, you are in fact purchasing physical property or land. The great thing is that real estate will provide a more significant and consistent profit than various other alternatives such as stocks, mutual funds, or RRSPs. Plus, the value of the land/property will increase, and this will definitely augment your income. There are so many houses for sale that you can easily develop a business here in Barrie.


After a tenant pays off the principal on the investment, and even prior to this payment, the rental payments he has to make every month will become your monthly income. As far as rent is concerned, you should know that in Canada, it doubles each 15 years. Therefore, if you own about 5 or 6 houses, you will obtain a considerable monthly income thanks to them. And what’s even better is that this income will amplify every year. With such a flourishing housing market, how can you not want to move to Barrie?





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