Hoverboards The secret to successful riding

The most likely person in the family to want a hoverboard is the teenage son, but it would not be a surprise that dad may be interested too. …

The most likely person in the family to want a hoverboard is the teenage son, but it would not be a surprise that dad may be interested too. Any tomboy sisters would probably be on the list but don’t rule out all the young girls too. Mum might think it looks a good way to get around when she’s tired, and they look so simple to use who would not want one?

They are very simple in their control and rely totally on your weight balance to work well. So if you have bad balance standing on the ground, on roller skates and a bicycle don’t be surprised if they do not come as easy to you as they look for everyone else.

Riding one of these things simply involves standing a flat foot on one side while you commit your weight on the other side. Keeping the foot plate flat is the secret to the machine staying still while you mount. If you are confident you can afford for the foot pad to lean forward making the machine move off,as you just put your other foot on and keep going, rather like kicking off on a bicycle. It is actually harder to get on and stand still than to have the courage to commit to the forward movement.

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Once on, a tilt forward of the footpads will start the machine moving forward. If you lean forward putting more tilt on the footpad it will move faster. If you flatten the balance it will keep moving, whilst a slight tip backwards will result in slowing down or stopping. If you are relaxed and free flowing in your movements, it will make it so much easier to control as the small adjustments necessary become almost automatic.

For the more nervous or wary among us it is just a matter of gaining that confidence in ourselves. The tenser we are, and the more we try to force the movements the more likely we are to over control and get instant jerks in the opposite direction. This makes riding more difficult but it only takes practice. If you think about driving, cooking and riding a bicycle they all flow so much more easily when we are relaxed.

So if you think of this as a bike then put your foot on and do not worry if it tilts forward, just put your second foot on and straighten yourself, this will reduce the forward tilt and hence the speed of the wheels. Once you are on try to relax, this is why youngsters find these sort of things easy, they have not had the experience of life to worry about danger, they just do it. Sites like hover shop, floating board offers one of the best quality product in the market. As we get older we worry subconsciously about danger and are a lot more aware of how accidents happen and we lose our sense of adventure.

So regain your youth, hop on and have fun and do not let your age hold you back. Be brave jump on and go for it.



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