How Can You Save Money When You Want To Buy Luxury Bespoke Kitchens?

 At first glance, you will believe that it is not possible to save money when you buy a luxury bespoke kitchen. That is incorrect, if you make the …

 At first glance, you will believe that it is not possible to save money when you buy a luxury bespoke kitchen. That is incorrect, if you make the correct choices, you will end up with the one kitchen you always wanted to have and the prices are going to be much lower than you expected. You do not have to compromise on quality. Here are some tips that will aid you to be able to afford quality bespoke kitchens like

Not All Furniture Needs To Be Custom Built

You will be tempted to believe that this is incorrect but the truth is that some of the elements inside a bespoke kitchen do not have to be bespoke. You can buy and install various elements yourself, making the overall project cheap. You need to have designed and bespoke elements for those parts of the kitchen that cannot be fitted otherwise. For instance, items that are expensive and difficult to replace in the event that they would wear out fast. While the counters and the cupboards will cost a lot, the fixtures and the handles can be purchased separately, at a cheap level.

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Countertops Do Not Have To Be Solid Granite

You can put your hands on the exact same quality with the use of overlay in the bespoke kitchen design. Due to the fact that granite is so tough as a material, it shouldn’t need a really huge stuff slab in order to be hygienic and effective. You can easily get a counter top overlay that is made out of granite so that you get the same effect as the solid piece without having to spend a lot of money on it.

Choosing The Real Thing

A high quality luxury option is not necessarily practical. As a very simple example, hardwood floors do look beautiful but they are highly expensive. They are not too practical when referring to kitchens. Wood does expand and swell when faced with moist conditions. It is always a lot better to choose vinyl as it does look like wooden flooring. In this case you save money as even the high end versions are cheaper than actual wood. The difference will be barely noticeable to the untrained eye. In a similar fashion, marble floor tiles can be replaced with man made ceramic. The price tag is lower and the design is appealing.

It should be added that many buy stainless steel appliances in order to perfectly complement the look of the bespoke kitchen. An alternative that is cheaper is to purchase those appliances that have a stainless steel finish. They are not made out of steel and the prices are much lower but an extra benefit appears in the fact that fingerprint marks will not appear as with the metal options. You thus get a similar effect.

On the whole, we can say that the important thing is to reach a compromise when you order a bespoke kitchen if your budget is limited. As you can see, money saving options do exist. 


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