How to Get More Clients Through a Name, Phone, And Address Search

 It doesn’t make a difference in the real estate industry whether or not you are a rookie or have been in the business for quite a while, there …

 It doesn’t make a difference in the real estate industry whether or not you are a rookie or have been in the business for quite a while, there are constantly new ideas for real estate agents to get more clients as well as make them happy. Some of these tools are hidden and unknown to many real estate agents, and by knowing how to access them a real estate agent can become a real estate leader.

How to Keep Up with the Competition

As a real estate agent you can do the basic steps such as ask people you know for a referral or advertise your services, but the best way to get sales is to go above and beyond the competition.  Anyone can hand out business cards and reach out to friends, which is is a good practice, but taking extra steps to excel in your career is where you will get the most clients.

How to Beat the Competition

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The number one objective that you should have as a relator is making sure that your clients are always happy. Don’t focus too much on making one commission at a time, instead put the spotlight on doing whatever you can for your clients so you can build a relationship with them. This means showing houses at their convenience, not being late and answering calls at any time.

To further make a customer happy, a good idea would be to find out any information you know about them as possible. When you receive a potential client, make sure to wow them by doing a  phone or address lookup. Using these tools can help you find out important information such as where your potential clients have previously lived which will put you above the competition and help prepare you for your new client. 

There is also another way to find new clients. You can also find prospects by researching expired, for sale by owner, or cancelled listings. Using the information you find, you can enter it into a name or address search. Then you take everything you have gathered from the search and contact said potential client. There are plenty websites and resources to assist you in finding these listings. Also, when you are driving, look to see if there are any for sale by owner signs. They often times have a number that you can call to learn more about the listing.

If You Go Above and Beyond…

If you surpass what other realtors are doing, clients will continue to come back to you as well as tell their friends and family how great of a real estate agent you are without you having to ask them to. Their referrals will be genuine and people will line up to make you their real estate agent. Having five star reviews and honest referrals is crucial. There are many websites out there that have reviews on relators and people will go out of their way to write a good or bad review. One bad review could make or break your career.

Using these tools, you will make more new clients than ever and make your current ones happy. By going above and beyond competitors you will make more clients than ever.  Best of luck on finding new clients and making your current ones happier than ever! 


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