How to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

 When the time comes to sell your home you need to make sure that you have done all that you can to make your home attractive to prospective …

 When the time comes to sell your home you need to make sure that you have done all that you can to make your home attractive to prospective buyers. Smart professionals like Brian Ferdinand who understand the property business will tell you that the real estate market can be incredibly erratic and if you must sell, then you need to give yourself the best opportunity. When preparing your home for sale, most remember the basics, remove clutter, personal effects etc. Few people however really try to make their home more attractive prior to sale, here are some areas you should be looking at.




The devil really is in the detail when it comes to selling your home, details such as door frames and skirting. Giving these areas of your home a new coat of paint will not only prevent your prospective buyers from seeing dirty marks or damage, but it will also give your home a clean feel and one less job for the new owners to do.



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When cleaning the house for viewers, far too many people forget about the windows, they should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. The effect of clean windows is huge both from the outside when people approach the house, and from the inside looking out. Prospective buyers constantly make small mental notes as they look through the home and even though a dirty window can be easily cleaned, in their opinion it is a small negative in their considerations.




The old notion of baking bread in your house or boiling coffee before a viewer comes is no old-wives tale. Having a relaxing or warming scent in your house will make buyers feel more homely and gives them an idea of how they would feel living in the house. Scents are scientifically proven to aid housing sales so it isn’t something that you should ignore.


Make it Welcoming


When people come to look at your house they are deciding whether they want it as their new home, you should therefore make it as welcoming as possible. First impressions are everything and you should consider how your home looks from the moment you begin to walk up to the door. Investing in a new doormat, scrubbing down the front door and ensuring the front garden/yard of your house looks great can work wonders for prospective buyers.


Don’t Forget the Details


Replacing light switches, socket covers, door handles and taps can often be an inexpensive way to give your home a more welcoming feel. These details may seem somewhat small and unimportant but they really can make a huge difference. Put yourself in the mind of a buyer and ask yourself what you would rather see, a house with clean and new fixtures or a house where you look around and instantly begin making a list of things that you need to replace. For a small amount of effort you can make your home far more attractive to buyers.


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