H&R Block Recruits National Security Service To Fight Back Against Wave of Robberies in Detroit

With the 2016 income tax preparation season now safely passed, both staff and clients of Detroit area H&R Block offices are breathing a sigh of relief, having put …

With the 2016 income tax preparation season now safely passed, both staff and clients of Detroit area H&R Block offices are breathing a sigh of relief, having put a stop to what had been in recent years a plague of robberies at company branches in high crime areas.

The robberies were brought to a halt by the presence of highly trained security guards from the nationwide security company, National Security Service or NSS, at each of the sites.

In prior years, thieves had targeted H&R Block’s 10 offices in vulnerable Detroit neighborhoods to steal blank checks. While police say a number of tax preparation businesses have been targeted, H&R Block was particularly susceptible because it keeps books of blank checks in its offices as part of its signature “Rapid Refund” program.

The Rapid Refund service gives customers the option of collecting their refunds on the spot, rather than waiting for the IRS to process their tax return, but it also means that the blank checks kept on hand to make the payments can be attractive to thieves, who either forge them themselves or sell them on the street for others to falsify.

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But not this year.

With National Security Service providing protection, the company experienced a tax prep season that was not only completely free of the robberies, but also free of any disruptive incidents whatsoever. That outcome, a company spokesperson said, is directly attributable to the experience and expertise of the NSS security guards.

“National Security Service stands out among security guard services because of the level of training and accountability of their personnel,” he said. With operations in all fifty states, working out of 437 field offices, NSS guarantees that all of its guards are fully licensed and insured and trained for the specific assignment they are taking part in, he added.

Security for jobs such as the H&R Block assignment is just one part of the NSS portfolio, which also includes everything from armed security guards to construction site security, mobile security patrols, school security, event security, retail security guards, disaster response, residential security services, and more.

For the H&R Block assignment, the National Security Service guards were responsible for establishing and maintaining a visible presence at each of the 10 designated offices, and being prepared to respond quickly and appropriately to any threat or disruption that might have emerged. At the same time, they were required to perform their duties with a full measure of courtesy and professionalism at all times, in order to put both staff and customers at ease.

Their success in achieving that balance enabled all 10 locations to enjoy an incident-free tax season, the spokesperson said.

Tax preparation is a sensitive and highly personal matter. For H&R Block, it is important that their customers can feel not only secure, but also feel that every aspect of their experience at H&R is dignified and respectful. NSS security guards helped fulfill that requirement.

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