Infrastructure Improvements Add Value to Nicaragua Real Estate in San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is an idyllic fishing village that is the premier destination for tourists and real estate investors in Nicaragua.  The quaint horseshoe shaped bay attracts …

San Juan del Sur is an idyllic fishing village that is the premier destination for tourists and real estate investors in Nicaragua.  The quaint horseshoe shaped bay attracts crowds of international tourists and investors quickly launching San Juan del Sur to one of Central America’s top destinations.  The Nicaraguan government and private investors have helped San Juan del Sur keep infrastructure improvements on pace with the growth in tourism and development.


During the last several years as the real estate market in Nicaragua has begun to mature San Juan del Sur has seen tremendous infrastructure improvements.   Just a few short years ago the trip from Managua to San Juan del Sur was a bumpy one, as travelers had to bounce along the semi-paved and neglected highways for 3 hours.   Today the entire trip is smooth sailing and has been reduced to 2 hours. All 140 kilometers have been resurfaced in various phases during the last few years.


San Juan del Sur has seen incredible improvements in the downtown area.  Many of the interior roads have been improved and public lighting have been installed along the main streets.  The central park and town square has been given a facelift and a new playground was erected in front of the church.  The baseball field in town was given a modern sprinkler system and proper drainage was installed.  The municipal sports park was completely refurbished through private donations.  The court was resurfaced, new lighting was installed for night events, a seating area was built for the fans, and new basketball hoops and soccer goals were all built on site.

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The beach in town has seen a major improvement with the construction of a pedestrian bridge spanning the estuary.  San Juan del Sur is home to it’s very own “mini-Golden Gate Bridge” which connects the residential neighborhood on the northern side of the bay with the center of town to the south.  The 200-meter suspension bridge is a gorgeous addition to the picturesque bay.  The port on the southern end of San Juan del Sur has been modernized and is now receiving cruise ships a few times a week during the winter months. 


Access from San Juan del Sur to the surf beaches north and south have been dramatically improved in recent years.   The first two kilometers of the road heading north was paved and the road bed was raised to avoid future flooding.  The road south to Playa El Coco, Playa Yankee and Playa Remanso is currently undergoing improvements in drainage and paving should begin within a few months.  At the turnoff to Playa Maderas, Playa Marsella and Playa Majagual a new bridge is currently under construction that will span the creek and guarantee access year round to one of the best surf beaches in Nicaragua.


Water and electricity are vital to fuel the growth of a burgeoning Nicaragua real estate market.  There is a large wind turbine project on Lake Nicaragua along the Pan-American high way between San Juan del Sur and the Costa Rican border that will provide a large percentage of the countries electrical power once completed.  There are currently 19 turbines generating electricity with another 11 in various stages of construction.   Another large-scale project will bring potable water from Lake Nicaragua 17 kilometers to San Juan del Sur.  This project has been initiated and the crews have been laying pipe for the last several months.  In conjunction with fresh water they will be modernizing and improving the black water treatment facilities for the town.  Both of these projects are vital for the short and long-term growth of San Juan del Sur as a tourist hotspot and real estate investor’s destination.


Foreign real estate investment has increased property tax collection in the municipality of San Juan del Sur exponentially over the last 5 years and these funds are being reinvested in the local community. This has helped the infrastructure to improve tremendously over the past few years with the additional support of private business owners. The future of Nicaragua real estate in San Juan del Sur looks very promising.


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