London Property a Wise Investment

Some people still have traditional tastes. They may like all the mod cons in their kitchen but that does not mean that they need to compromise their ideas …

Some people still have traditional tastes. They may like all the mod cons in their kitchen but that does not mean that they need to compromise their ideas about using wood and stone within the interior of the house. There are many old properties where anything else would actually be out of place. The last couple of years have seen property prices rise once more. Inevitably, this began in London which is the economic centre of the country and hence has the most job opportunities. It is also a city that has always attracted overseas investment with those who have money to spend even when times are hard.


With prices rising it is surely a good time to renovate or refurbish property because the investment is likely to add value to the house? Kitchens and bathrooms are often the two rooms that can do with a lift and they will be ones that prospective buyers in the future are likely to examine closely when viewing the house. Much depends upon the size of the two rooms when deciding what can be done. Bathrooms are rarely large but with a little planning they can usually incorporate a bath and shower as well as toilet and basin. It is just a matter of deciding on materials and detail.

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A kitchen is very important to the home. In some larger houses it can double as a breakfast room with chairs so that the family can breakfast there without needing to use the dining room. One thing is essential and that is the area available for cooking and preparation. Not everyone enjoys cooking, but a kitchen that does not take into account the fact that many people do may not appeal to those future potential buyers.

The modern appliances can be hidden behind traditional wooden doors if that is the style of the property. The same does not apply to granite worktops in London homes from decades ago may have such surfaces already in place. However, there are modern suppliers who can provide that traditional look as well as the quality that granite brings; attractive and durable.

Use of Space

Even if there is plenty of space in the kitchen it is important to use it well. Most modern kitchens have several appliances though sometimes the washing machine is elsewhere in a utility room. The work surfaces for food preparation should be located close to the oven and sink, perhaps between them. There are designers who can help if anyone is in any doubt and manufacturers and suppliers of granite will certainly be happy to discuss kitchens and provide ideas based on their experience over the years.


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