Online Dating Questions to Keep Your Date Hooked

As a new member on a dating website, it can be overwhelming when confronted with an ending list of women who may be impressive and can as such …

As a new member on a dating website, it can be overwhelming when confronted with an ending list of women who may be impressive and can as such be potential dates. This is where you need to decide and zero in on one and begin making your first moves. The do or die strategy when it comes to online dating is how you communicate and express yourself.


Remember, the girl on the other end has never met you, may never meet you for a considerable time while you communicate and this means your profile on and your presentation will be your key selling points. Asking the right questions is the way to go because it helps the other person open up and tell you about themselves. The following are some of the possible questions that may keep your conversation going and may be win her over to you.

What Do You Enjoy Doing?

This is an open-ended question that enables you move the conversation from the standpoint of strangers to a familiar ground. It also adds meaning to your conversation. The good thing about her explaining her likes is that she can have the liberty to select the particular information she wants to disclose and also give her the platform to express herself in her own terms.

Where Did You Grow Up and How Was the Experience?

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This is an important question because it helps her see you an appreciative person who wants to know her background not for profiling purposes, but just to know here experience and what she has been through.

Childhood experiences are usually a mixture of a feelings and most people love sharing both the good things and the struggles which may help the two of you to establish common experiences. Because a relationship is a long term endeavor, when someone realizes you want to know more about them, they immediately sense your seriousness.

Are You After a Casual or Long Term Relationship?

People have different motives when joining dating sites and it is important to establish beforehand what they are after. If she is interested in a casual relationship and you are after a long term commitment, it may be a waste of time changing her mind.

For How Long Have You Been a Member on This Site?

This is a question that you must reserve and ask it way later after your conversation has begun. The main reason for asking this question is to know whether they are seriously looking for a life partner or they are just in it for fun. If she has been on the dating site for two years and above, chances are her focus keeps on shifting and maybe she may not be ready for settling down. It could also mean she is seriously looking for the right man and she doesn’t mind waiting.

What Future Ambitions Do You Have

This is an honest question that requires an honest answer. Getting into a relationship with someone without knowing what they are looking forward to can be misleading. Ensure your interests tally because this is a fundamental point where most things about the future are discussed.

There you go! You can add to those questions but remember not to be provocative or too personal particularly at the beginning.


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