Phuket Is the Best Province to Live in if You Want to Move to Thailand

Thailand has been gaining significant attention over the past decade as a place for North Americans to visit as a vacation destination. However, it is also starting to …

Thailand has been gaining significant attention over the past decade as a place for North Americans to visit as a vacation destination. However, it is also starting to become a recommended place for long-term and even permanent living. Many people are naturally drawn to the cheaper standard of living, the warm temperatures that stay constant throughout the year, and the rich cultural history. However, it is important to remember that Thailand is a large country that is divided into several smaller provinces, and your choice of province will depend on the lifestyle that you wish to live. If you are somebody who is not a fan of a metropolitan style of living and would prefer something simpler in nature, the Phuket province will be your best bet. This articlewill briefly discuss the benefits of purchasing a condo for rent in this area, and the extra steps you should take before moving yourself and all your belongings to this province.

What Is It Like to Rent a Condo in Phuket?

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If you are going to purchase a Phuket condo for rent, you can expect to pay a monthly rent of anywhere between $400 and $700 USD for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom setup. The price varies depending on the location you choose and the quality of finish that is present in the condo. The majority of rented condos will come with a fully furnished layout. The higher-priced condos will come with facilities that include Wi-Fi, parking, a swimming pool, and 24/7 security watch. They will also be located closer to the downtown area, and the beautiful beaches that make Thailand such an attractive place to visit.

Although the nightlife is nowhere near as boisterous as the metropolitan area of Bangkok, it still provides great entertainment value, without the chaos and loud noise that turns many people off from living in densely populated cities. Grocery stores and shopping centers will be near any location that you choose, and you will be surprised to find that the price of food is also much lower in comparison to what you will see in American culture.

What Should I Know About Purchasing a Condo in Phuket?

Just like any long-term investment you make in living in another country, you will want to spend a lot of time investigating the properties that you are interested in. This will mean making calls to the homeowners, and doing a full home inspection in the condo before making a final decision to put down payment for two months’ worth of rent. It will be a great idea to consider multiple options, so that you can always fall back on one in case the others do not hold up to the quality of living that you are interested in experiencing. Of course, it will be wise to have at least six months of money in rent and living expenses saved up in case you are unable to find work while living in the Phuket province. So long as you are able to make a smart decision about the condo you choose to rent out, your experience in Phuket will be an unforgettable one that you will share with family and friends for decades to come!


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