Playa El Tunco Business Opportunity by the Road

El Salvador is known, among different positive perceptions, for its variable natural beauty. The city of San Salvador is only 30 minutes away from the costal and tropical …

El Salvador is known, among different positive perceptions, for its variable natural beauty. The city of San Salvador is only 30 minutes away from the costal and tropical city of La Libertad, surrounded by mountains you can barely believe that the beach is only steps away from you.

Many people have decided to buy a property either at the beach or at the mountains of La Libertad. The reason is that they like to spend their free time on the weekends or vacations having a relaxing time away from the traffic and tiresome heat of the city.

Since the early 70’s surfers started coming to La Libertad aware that the town offered world class waves, different types of waves and what mostly called their attention was the lack of crowds at the surf spots, they also dicided it was a good idea to buy a piece of paradise among their lives, eventually diciding to permanently live their lives in La Libertad. Others surfers and non surfers have bought property too with the idea to spend vacations in La Libertad once or twice a year.

Laws are favorable for foreign investors since it supports the buying of property giving them the same buying/selling rights that the Salvadoreans have, always thinking in long term relationships.

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Playa El Tunco (Pig’s Beach) and Playa el Sunzal are causing what the locals known as the Tunco effect, which is: “once you come to El Tunco you never want to leave again”. This effect has motivated many to seek for properties in El Tunco. Among the benefits that this beach has I can mention the diversity of food in their restaurants and hotels. From the Salvadorean pupusas and seafood to Mexican food, Italian Coucine, Gourmet, Veggie, Japanese and Fast Food. If your choice is to cook your own meals the supermarket is 10 minutes away from El Tunco along with pharmacies, gas stations and other type of restaurants.

Inside Playa El Tunco you would feel safe since the locals are friendly, there is always a good vibe and atmosphere, and a Police Station inside El Tunco along with Tourism Police offers safety 24/7.

Value in properties at both Playa El Tunco and El Sunzal is increesing semester by semester, the local goverment has invested lots of money improving main and secondary roads, making available drinking water supply for the community and offering security at the beaches and their surroundings. Improving infrastructure has the goal of making Playa El Tunco the best place to visit in El Salvador, also opening the option for investors to come and invest in one of the most beautiful places in Central America.

I am offering a property located 600 meters away from the entrance of Playa El Tunco. It is located by the main road, Litoral Road, and is right in front of the beach, it would be a vacant lot if it was not for the construction of a small hut at the top of the property. The property has been partially modified and count with three levels as it is shown in the pictures.


It is my personal believe that this property could be use for a business, either an hotel or a restaurant. Size of the property is of 750 square meters (15 meters wide x 50 meters long). The owner is asking for $150,000 but selling price is negotiable. For more information contact me at my personal e-mail: or if you have any question call me at (503) 7927-0757. Best regards.

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