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 Buying your own home is a very big step in any person’s life.. It is an important achievement for a person and a proud moment for him to …

 Buying your own home is a very big step in any person’s life.. It is an important achievement for a person and a proud moment for him to own a home of his own. But buying a home is not an easy process and it requires a lot of meticulous planning . Before a person buys a home it is important to check about the legal aspects of the house and to check if all the formalities are in order. This is where a conveyancer comes into place. A conveyancer is a specialist who has all the required knowledge about buying or selling a property.  A conveyancer takes up the responsibility of preparing all the legal documents for a house and then lodging them and contacting all the required authorities and also advises the client on payment and buying process of house. Basically he does all the leg work in the buying process from the start to finish. Therefore it is of utmost importance that a person chooses the right conveyancing company so that his buying process is smooth and pleasant without any hassles.

A good conveyancing firm should have the following important aspects:-

1.      A good price guarantee –   A conveyance company has to be competitive in today’s world and hence should offer a good price guarantee to their client and also a fixed fee payable onetime fee for the entire process.

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2.      No charges until deal completes – a lot of times deals get cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and the process of buying and selling of a house is not completed. In such circumstances the conveyancing company should decline to charge the client their fees.  Payment to the conveyancer should be made only after the buying of house gets through. This makes the client save his head earned money incase he doesn’t buy the house.

3.      No extra charges – A conveyancer should be very transparent in his dealings. If he will charge extra cost for any work then he should inform his client well in advance.

4.      Online availability- A good company, such as Think Conveyancing, should always be available to their client at all points of time. It is not possible for a client to each time meet their conveyancing company agents personally and hence they should have other means of communication as well like email , sms or ability to track progress of their work online.

Buying and selling of any property involves a lot of technical rules to be followed which is difficult for a lay person to understand. Hence it is essential for a client to be backed by a strong company of professional conveyancers so that their transactions go easy without facing any problems.  The entire process usually takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks to complete. It is best to employ a conveyancer at the early stages itself so that he needs exactly what the buyer is looking for and is aware of all the needs of buyer so that he can guide and direct his client from the beginning itself. When the entire process of buying goes smoothly and a person finally gets possession of his own home, the satisfaction that both client and conveyancer goes through is very great.


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