Self Storage For Small Businesses – Can It Be A Cost Effective Space Solution?

Storage and self storage facilities are mostly only ever associated with home owners or domestic users, with many thinking that hiring or renting a storage unit is only …

Storage and self storage facilities are mostly only ever associated with home owners or domestic users, with many thinking that hiring or renting a storage unit is only for those looking to downsize their home or put their possessions somewhere safe as they look to travel the world for 12 months. Whilst this is of course a valid reason to use self storage, it should never be overlooked for small to medium sized businesses that need a bit of extra operating space but cannot afford to expand or move to new offices.


Whilst it is true that the majority of storage units are full of sofas, beds, cupboards and other house hold possessions that clients no longer have room for or are simply not able to part with on a full time basis just yet, more and more businesses are now considering a local self storage unit to increase their operational capabilities, and of course, their profits, because the lack of space can be a business killer, with orders ready to come in, but often not enough space to actually complete or fulfil them.

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With many countries around the globe having  strict laws about how long businesses need to keep hold of their documents, with things like invoices, payroll and other various bits of paper work often needing to be kept for up to six years, the space in the office can quickly get full of things that you really have no need to access frequently, but dare not get rid of in case you either need them one day or a Government department needs to view them. Either way, you don’t need day to day access, but yet you still have to find space to keep them, but this would not be the case if you hired a self storage facility and put everything in there.

As useful as it is for a homeowner, self storage is just as useful for a business, just for different reasons of course, because it can help to solve the age old issue of space (or the lack of it) and can allow a company the room to grow their business without having all of the costly and usually unaffordable expansion costs that go with it. Whether the business is based in the heart of a city or in the middle of a rural location, it is not just an easy choice to make a move and relocate a business, but with storage units, you really don’t have to.

If you operating a business in a key UK City like London, Manchester, Nottingham or Bristol (or indeed anywhere around the country) and the company is beginning to feel the problems that the lack of insufficient space often causes, you will already know the issue storage creates. In some instances you can make your own office a nicer place to work in, as you will often find that by clearing a whole wealth of space in your own office or premises by using a self storage facility you can improve your operating efficiently and increase your turnover, which if you have the maths right, means more profits!

If you pick a facility that is within easy driving distance and offers the accessibility that your company requires, then you can end up using your unit(s) as little or as often as you need them, because if the facility offers you flexibility and the space you require, it is a far more cost effective solution than anything else you might consider. And of course, you can hire the unit for as long as you need, so if it’s just a short term solution then great, but equally, some firms will hire a unit or two on an ongoing basis and expand when they need to. Not every business wants to move to a new office or premises and not every business has the finances to cover such a move, which is why self-storage is often the ideal solution that gets overlooked from a commercial point of view.

This means that If your company really needs to grow and space is the number one hindering factor, then one simple email or phone contact to your local self storage facility to see if they can help you to put your feet firmly into a larger operational space could be the best call you make today, or even this year.



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