Simple Steps to Increase the Value of Your Home So You Can Sell It Quickly

There are many ways you can invest a little bit of money and add a lot of value to your house. If you are handy and can do …

There are many ways you can invest a little bit of money and add a lot of value to your house. If you are handy and can do some of the work yourself, your investment to return ratio will be even greater.

Less expensive ways to increase the value of your home

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to increase the value of your home. Selling a home can be a daunting task, but with just a few labor intensive improvements you can enhance your homes appeal which will assist in selling your home in a more timely fashion:

·       Neat landscaping gives your home curb appeal

Trim shrubbery, pull weeds, get stray grass out of walkways, clean up any debris such as trash or dead limbs, and keep your lawn mown. Neatening up the outer appearance of your home makes a great first impression. Paint your front door with a fresh coat of paint, sweep or scrub your front porch, hang a wreath on the door, and be sure to clean the porch light.

·       Paint the exterior and interior of your home

A fresh coat of paint makes a house look wonderful. Stick to neutral colors and be sure to use low-VOC or no-VOC paint for the interior so your home does not smell like the chemicals in VOC-laden paint. Be sure to paint the interior trim also unless it is stained wood trim.

·       Update your bathrooms

New toilet seats and other bathroom fixtures make a bathroom look wonderful. If you must use scented products in your bathroom, switch to the ones you can find in a health food store because they have fewer offensive chemicals in them.

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Chemical-laden soaps, cleaners, sprays, and spritzers can leave a residue in the air that affects prospective buyers negatively. They may never connect the bad way they feel in your bathroom with the chemicals you use. They may just be left with a bad feeling after being in your bathroom that will kill the sale of your home.

·       Negate any unpleasant odors

Purchase a kitchen trash can that closes tightly. Kitchen trash odors can travel all over the house. Use a natural product like North American Herb & Spice’s Germ-a-Clenz frequently in your home to eradicate odors.

Germ-a-Clenz is a natural, non-toxic way to kill odors, germs, mites, mold and mildew. The main ingredient is oregano oil, and the odor of oregano dissipates fast leaving your home with a fresh, healthy smell.

More expensive ways to increase your home’s value

Updates to areas in your home can add a good deal of value to your home:

·       Kitchen updates:

o      Remove the island in the kitchen. Even though you will lose cabinet space, it will open up the kitchen and make it seem a whole lot larger.

o      Install a new kitchen faucet like the one whose end comes off to act as a sprayer.

o      Update your battered stainless steel sink by replacing it with a new one.

o      Lay tile in your kitchen over the linoleum for a classy look.

o      Replace any old appliances with matching new ones.


·       Structural updates:

o      Knock out a non-load-bearing wall to open up space in your home, making it look larger. The current trend seems to be an open area that includes the living room, dining area and kitchen.

o      Replace worn carpets with wood flooring.

o      Extend the back porch into a deck with a fire pit.



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