Why is Cristiano Ronaldo the world’s most marketable footballer?

Prospective business sellers need to have a clear strategy when it comes to marketing their company. As well as dealing with professionals taking care of the financial and …

Prospective business sellers need to have a clear strategy when it comes to marketing their company. As well as dealing with professionals taking care of the financial and legal parts of the sale, business owners need to have a good idea of their potential buyers and the way in which they can most effectively market their company to receive wide and serious interest. 

There are many lessons that business sellers can take from marketing in different fields. Repucom, sports marketing experts, have named Cristiano Ronaldo the footballer with the most marketable appeal, thanks to his fame and recognizability together with success, popularity and fan engagement. Creating a firm brand appeal is vital for selling any product, and businesses are no different in this respect. Who will be interested in the business and how can business sellers reach them most successfully? Let’s take a look at Ronaldo’s attraction more closely.


Ronaldo is one of the best-known faces in football. Captain of the Portuguese national team and a striker for Real Madrid, his career, not including youth performances, has spanned over a decade. Business sellers stand more chance of a successful sale if their potential buyers have the same solid awareness of the company being sold. The business needs to have a firm identity and brand awareness. As well as having all the relevant facts and figures to hand, business sellers need to devote time to areas such as their website and social media, together with offline publications, as creating a buzz and building awareness is crucial. 

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During his career Ronaldo has become famous for becoming the most highly paid footballer in the world and he is regarded by many as the best in the world. He has won numerous awards and trophies and is the second highest UEFA goal scorer ever. In the same vein, business buyers want to be confident that they are buying into a successful enterprise with many years of good trading behind it. 


Ronaldo’s Facebook page is currently ranked as the sixth most popular across the social network, making him the fourth most popular person, with over 83 million fans. Part of Ronaldo’s appeal is his youth. In the same way, businesses that are seen as being relevant to the time are often a more attractive proposition than those that are viewed as dated or past their prime. Ronaldo combines instant recognizability with success and popularity and, like this, businesses need to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Business sellers need to ask whether their company is still viewed in a popular light. Are sales still on the up rather than declining? If the business needs an image overhaul before putting it on the market, now’s the time to do it.

Effective Communication

Lastly, a business needs to be able to communicate its message effectively to its audience. Ronaldo frequently engages with fans on social media and is constantly in the news – in the same way, businesses need to keep their audiences, their potential buyers and customers, constantly informed and engaged. And, of course, potential buyers need to know a business is up for sale in the first place, so choose various avenues to promote it. 


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