10 Really Good Reasons to Make It in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is never going to be Los Angeles. In fact, Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley have it in their heads that they’re always going to …

Palm Springs is never going to be Los Angeles.

In fact, Palm Springs and the greater Coachella Valley have it in their heads that they’re always going to be a lot more of what Los Angeles is not. It’s not going to be a capital city, nor a big city nor even second city.

The Palm Springs valley is everything that all the rest of Southern California is only ever going to dream of being. And yet, there is no shortage of reasons to visit, and lists of reasons just keep proliferating.

People love to come up with reasons for Palm Springs and reasons for Rancho Mirage and top ten best reasons for Palm Desert and more. Even Cathedral City gets its fair share of attention.

Let’s break out one more list for investing and living in Palm Springs.

10. Palm Springs is not Los Angeles.

Well, we already said that. That said, during Modernism Week in particular, it’s actually what a lot of people thought LA was supposed to be.

9. Spa Everything

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This is California after all. There’s yoga and hot rocks and desert retreats and every kind of Buddhism, Taoism, Chakra Channeling and a lot more. The area is teeming with consciousness, and getting connected is as easy as showing up. Feeling good is a part of every day and feeling even better is too.

8. The Weather

Yes, cliché as it might sound, there’s no finer desert experience. This is not Scottsdale, and it ain’t your grandpa’s Las Vegas either. Palm Springs offers some of the best of each – or both – or all of them – but it’s still the classic Southern California desert heat – 350 days of it every year.

7. Design

We mentioned Modernism Week, but mid-century was a long time ago already. It never got more modern or more beautiful anywhere else. Palm Springs has art, architecture, design everywhere and plenty of natural beauty to back it up when the man-made starts to wane. That doesn’t happen often, because Palm Springs and the entire area is loaded with creatives exiled from Hollywood (not to mention New York) and the “look and feel” of things is simply outstanding.

6. Prices

Of course, you can find the most expensive of everything too. But there are tons of bargains, including condos and homes. The area is growing and has done so over the past twenty years – but there is still very much a feeling of getting in early because Palm Springs has only recently begun to really bloom.

5. Golf

We don’t need to go on and on. Palm Springs has been synonymous with golfing from the very beginning. There are arguably more courses than anywhere else in the world – and the number of them that are world class is topped only by those that are universally acclaimed as the finest golf courses anywhere.     

4. Crime

In short, property crime is slightly higher, while violent crime is markedly lower. It’s a peaceful valley. Property crimes can include any kind of theft or larceny in which the victim is not forced or threatened with force. There are somewhat more of these crimes in Riverside County as a whole when compared to the rest of California, but violent crime is actually quite a bit lower. These trends are not expected to change significantly.

3. Hot Real Estate Market

It’s not at a full boil, but Palm Springs is a very hot market, and whatever projections you’re looking at, it’s only going to get better.  Palm Springs was hit hard in 2007 and 2008 but it is a strong tourism and retirement market that will continue to drive prices up. Many homeowners are still recouping from losses suffered during that particularly deep downswing, but nearly all surrounding areas are also on the upswing and prices are expected to continue climbing. There are excellent opportunities throughout most of the valley.

2. Community

This is still California. The HOAs are active. Communities are frequently gated and always secure – and the folks inside are as welcoming as can be. There’s always been a particular, proud, southern California feeling for properties, whether you’re buying, or looking to buy or just feeling around the market. You’ll be in good company, and you’ll not have to look far for help and advice.

1. The Desert

That’s still the number one draw for folks arriving from far and wide. Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley benefit from proximity to Joshua Tree National Park – and a whole range of desert wonders, desert landscapes and dry desert air. There’s simply nothing more comforting to come home to. Air conditioning is sometimes optional when the breezes are picking up, but you’ll simply never go cold, and you’re far less likely to catch a cold too.  

If you want to learn more about why people are so happy in Palm Springs and in all the surrounding areas, we’ll be happy to show you the entire Coachella Valley from top to bottom. There’s simply no more fascinating group of communities in Southern California.


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