4 Benefits of Guest posting for small businesses

There are vast advantages of creating quality guest post on others websites and receiving benefits from writing on niche related websites. This #1 marketing strategy has become very …

There are vast advantages of creating quality guest post on others websites and receiving benefits from writing on niche related websites. This #1 marketing strategy has become very useful inside of my own business lately and why this is an important tool can help your business too. 

I used about every SEO strategy underneath the sun and tried about everything when it comes to search engine optimization. Been through every single twist with people inside of the industry saying what’s working and not working. 

Been around for 3 years now and today I’ll be talking about a white SEO strategy through outreaching with other business owners. You want to learn to outreach to other websites inside of your niche and learn to network.

1.       Guest posting gives you targeted traffic

Driving traffic to your website in 2016 seems likes an endless strategy and you must find ways to drive more traffic to your website. One of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your website is through guest posting on other websites.

Imagine for a minute that you’re in Real Estate searching for guest posting ideas inside of your niche. You search for Real Estate + write for us!

Now you reach out them about blogging on their website and you must reach out to them with a message and here’s an example message.

Here’s an example

Hi (name),

I’m a long time reader. You may have noticed my comment on your post on X (awesome article by the way).

I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to Example.com.

I’ve been brainstorming some topics that I think your readers would get a ton of value from:

-Idea #1

-Idea #2

Claim up to $26,000 per W2 Employee

  • Billions of dollars in funding available
  • Funds are available to U.S. Businesses NOW
  • This is not a loan. These tax credits do not need to be repaid
The ERC Program is currently open, but has been amended in the past. We recommend you claim yours before anything changes.

I’ll make sure the piece overflows with information that can’t be found anywhere else.

To give you an idea of the quality I’ll bring to your site, here’s a link to a guests post that I recently published on Example.com.

Thank you for your time,

Your name

Next step is writing your article and getting it excepted on their blog.

Now you’ll receive targeted traffic in your area or if people are looking to move to that particular area. Maybe you’ll receive referrals from blog posts you wrote about 20 ways to buy house without a credit check.

You’ll receive targeted traffic from other websites and not just your website traffic…

2.       Improves your writing skills

Writing descent content is from writing consistently over the years and I took a few classes on writing properly. Let me tell you, the only way to truly become a better writerinside of blogging or writing content for your website is by writing more.

In the beginning, I could only write about 500 words per article without ever making it flow together and on top of that, I wasn’t conveying my message in the right way. My recommendation is start writing as many blog posts and guest posts as possible.

Writing on your own blog and on someone else’s blog through becoming a professional writer by plainly writing more. Throughout all the reasons for guest posting, ithelps build links to your website, which builds high authority on your own website.

3.       It’s a very effective link building tool

Online branding has become of the biggest movements through online marketing that our generation has seen.  Today in 2016, link building is a must to your website to become successful and understand what needs to be done.

This is probably one of the best link building strategies out on the market, if you plan to action or learning search engine optimization yourself. This helps in so many different ways and creates a path to your success.

Here’s what guest posting link building can do for your business online…

·         Build online brand reputation

·         Builds authority

·         Build trust and credibility

·         Create more guest posting opportunities

·         Helps build a brand

·         Potential new customers coming to your website

·         More traffic

·         More people know about you

Reason I say this is the best marketing strategy is because search engines are looking for websites that have real traffic coming from them and real websites have new incoming links. This is why outreaching through guest posting is effective through blogging on other websites.

Plus it opens up more doors and many opportunities…

4.       Opens up business opportunities

Guest posting itself can create a lot of opportunities when it comes to bringing business your way through blogging on other entrepreneur’s websites. This helps you build a network of business owners that you can consistently write on their website but now you have other biz opportunities coming your way.

This happens because you’ve become an expert inside of your niche through writing on multiple websites that you’ve written on your company’s behalf or your own business behalf. Maybe this even lands you a copy writing job for a big corporation or lands you a consultant gig.

Either way reaching more attracts an audience that you wouldn’t have access to from your own personal blog.

So, what excuses do you have for not guest posting and why haven’t yougot started by writing your own guest post on someone else blog.

Comment, share down below for we’ve have some feedback from the post…

Paul Savola is real estate seo expert and his main focus is helping people in real estate draw more attention to their website through search engine optimization.


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