5 astrological advices to heed before buying property

 It is essential to get an advice from an astrologer considering the planetary movements and dasha system. It can be predicted if the given property is favourable or …

 It is essential to get an advice from an astrologer considering the planetary movements and dasha system. It can be predicted if the given property is favourable or unfavourable whether to make use of the land for commercial or residential or institutional use, etc. One must pay heed to astrological advice before dealing in real estate properties if he or she believes in it. 

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There is an old saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’. It is also applicable while buying a house or home property. A precautionary measure is essential while doing this business. Let us discuss some astrological advice given by an astrologer in Australia
buy property according to astrology
1) Transact on Auspicious Day: The property should be planned to be purchased or should be purchased on an auspicious day which is lucky to the purchasers. Generally lunar rules which are positive are followed. Waxing moon, Taurus or cancer moon is preferred. 
One should not sign any legal papers related to purchase of property if Mercury or Venus are retrograde. Also one should avoid if the rulers of angles are in retrograde motions. 
It is advisable to learn the kundali (horoscope) of the purchaser and know the future prospects of the finalised property. Horoscope tells one about the time period of owning his ‘own’ property according to “Dasha system” in astrology. According to Vedic astrology, Maharshi Parashar has recognised the importance of 4th house in the horoscope and judgement upon purchase of land, house or other real estate related matters. 
Mars emphasises house, land and related properties. Therefore, its influence on 4th house is very essential. In similar manner, benefitting planets like Jupiter and Venus are also crucial to decide the fate of buying land or house related property. 
2) Study the Year: An astrologer in Australia said that in 2013, the property market was significantly dominated by Jupiter and Saturn. Thus, it is essential to analyse and study the effect on the respective year before getting into purchase of property related matter. 
3) Vaastu Shastra: According to astrology, the day, time and favourability of the purchaser should be considered. Similarly, vastushastra should also be studied. The directions, position, etc of the property or piece of land should also be studied before purchase.
4) Remedies: There are also some remedies mentioned in Vedic Astrology for difficulties in acquiring or purchasing the properties. A person can consider these remedies for a smooth deal. One of them is to worship Lord Vishnu who is Swami of Goddess Laxmi and considered to be Swamy of wealth. 
5) Post transaction Rituals: After the property is purchased, certain ceremonies like house warming (vaastu shant pooja) or land worshipping (bhoomi pujan) should be conducted according to Vedic shastra and Astrology. After doing so, it is said that the evil powers or negativity or bad influences on the properties are removed permanently. The property becomes pious and ready to be used by its new owner. 
Astrology is a topic of belief. One, who believes in such field, should observe all Vedic astrology and rituals before buying a property.

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