5 ideas to help your capital growth

 While most of us are looking for new ideas to help our financial growth some have already succeeded and have made it to the top. Becoming a wealthy …

 While most of us are looking for new ideas to help our financial growth some have already succeeded and have made it to the top. Becoming a wealthy person doesn’t usually happen in a day or two and requires hard work and persistence. There are many reason why becoming rich is a process and not as easy as we would want it to be, it’s a high and ambitious goal.

A definition of a rich person depends on who you’reasking; some define rich as the ability to live their normal life without working one more day, others wish to retire in dignity and others just want to have enough money to travel the world. Find 10 different people and you’ll have 10 different answers. All answers have one common thing; a desired goal and an ambition to reach it. people who don’t strive to become rich and now are usually people who already have some money and are most likely to be satisfied by their way of life; career etc.. Many of the ones who dream of making fast money can be usually seen in a job and path they are not happy with and are desperately seeking a change.

Here are 5 ideas which will help increase your capital

1.       Take your potential to the top – whether you’re a financial expert, a marketing or sales person or a computer freak, take your strong point and master them. Look for opportunities of becoming a company executive or a co-founder of a startup company. By doing so you will taking your skills to the top and for that you will be compensated highly. Don’t stop at the point where it’s nice and comfortable; always look for ways which can improve your professional skills, look for a part time startup position which could eventually grow to your main job and might be sold for high $$ in the future.

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Diversity of investments – take the time to learn about the free financial market; you’ll find many new ways to invest your money, whether it’s stocks, bonds, indices, Forex, binary options, FCD’s or real estate. Each of these fields requires in depth learning and once mastered can produce a nice monthly income.


2.       Stock Market investments –if you’re looking to become rich by dealing with a conservative stock market you’re up for a long ride. In order to make nice profits in the stock market you should first of all learn the market, pick a few stocks and should have enough patience for them to go up. This type of investment is most likely to show profits in the long run and if you’re planning on becoming rich you better have both the money and the time to invest.

3.       Binary options – while normal stock market trading can produce nice yearly profits, binary options offer incredibly high profit rates which can be achieved in minutes. However binary options trading requires high trading skills and the ability to lose some of your trades. As oppose to regular trading in binary trading you can make profits of up to 500% on a single trade while on the other hand you can lose your entire investment. One other advantage offered by the binary industry is the small capital you can use for each trade which is as low as $5 per trade.

4.       Real Estate investments – most people think investing in real estate is mainly for people who are already rich, however this is not the way things are. Investing in real estate requires some initial capital, time and timing. Investors can easily get a second mortgage on a second home but should always remember there is a need to return this mortgage and here comes the timing factor; if the market is on the rise you’re most likely to improve your opposition with less than a year and will easily find someone who will rent the property which will pay out your mortgage. There is a high risk house prices will go down but as property prices in the UK the rise it’s something to consider.

5.       Upload you amazing vide to YouTube – although it’s a long shot, there are many people who live off uploading viral videos to the net. YouTube works on a basic program of paying video creators $2 for every 1,000 views. If you have the next gangnam style hit or you think your cat and dog can bring high traffic to your YouTube channel, take your camera out and start recording. http://youtu.be/HkMNOlYcpHg


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