5 Outdoor Upgrades That Will Raise Property Value

 Raising the property value of a home is about far more than sprucing up the inside, though that’s important. It’s about improving the overall appeal of the house …

 Raising the property value of a home is about far more than sprucing up the inside, though that’s important. It’s about improving the overall appeal of the house and making every aspect of living there a great experience. The key to doing that is paying attention to the outside of the home as well as the inside.


The very first thing potential buyers will see of your new home is the outside, and if it’s a mess, they won’t be impressed. If you’re looking for a way to attract potential buyers and up the asking price, consider adding these low-cost improvements to your yard.


1. Low Maintenance Landscaping


Lush hedges, landscapes, and grass may look beautiful to a potential home buyer, but it tends to scare them away, since that kind of landscaping requires money and time to maintain. When it comes to raising your property value and attracting potential buyers, low maintenance landscaping is your best bet.


Cutting down on the amount of grass in your yard and adding native, drought-tolerant plants, a patio, and some simple decoration is a major attraction for potential buyers who can enjoy the beauty of the landscaping, without having to pay for it all year long.


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2. Outdoor Architecture


Many people don’t think about the appeal of outdoor structures, but the right item can raise your property value significantly. Building a patio or deck area is a given, but there are also several other things you can add to a yard to give it the sprucing up it needs, such as an outdoor kitchen or a pergola. An outdoor kitchen is extremely enticing since it will allow the buyers to entertain and relax on those warm summer days, and a pergola adds a touch of beauty that’s unmatched by a simple deck.


A pergola is a little-known, but effective property value raiser. “While they can be expensive in the beginning, [pergolas] will pay for themselves in the long run in the added home value they can bring to your property,” says this blog post from outdoor design connoisseurs Pergola Kits USA. “Having an aesthetically pleasing outdoor area can boost the overall value of your home by up to 20 percent.” That raises your asking price exponentially!


3. Plant a Tree


It may come as a surprise, but by simply planting and strategically placing a tree in your yard, you can raise your property value. A tree planted near a window to provide shade without blocking the view will help to improve the energy efficiency within the home – not to mention it’s attractive to homebuyers with children.


4. Paint


According to Jessica Yonkers, editor of HGTV Gardens, “You can give your outdoors a new look by painting your house a new color or touching up existing paint.” A simple coat of paint can do wonders to improve the curb appeal and make your home worth the asking price. This is especially important if your house has a dated look. A fresh coat of paint can make your home look brand new.


5. Fire Pit


A simple fire pit is an especially popular upgrade if your house is on the market during the summer. If you feel particularly ambitious, you can build your own fire pit or have a contractor build one for you. Either way, it can transform your backyard into a place to relax and spend time with family and friends, which any realtor will agree is an important feature in today’s housing market.


The real estate market is tough these days, but with the right upgrades, you can significantly raise your asking price and enter the market with competitive pricing. 


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