5 Things You Need to Do After Purchasing a New Property

You’ve just moved into your new property and now it’s time to add your personal touch to it. Purchasing a home is stressful. However, for many new homeowners …

You’ve just moved into your new property and now it’s time to add your personal touch to it. Purchasing a home is stressful. However, for many new homeowners the hard work has just begun. Many people buy a property intending to change it to suit their requirements. These are five things you need to do after purchasing a new property.


Change the Locks

Security is a key concern for home owners. Changing the locks is one of the first steps you should take, especially if the property was rented or had a number of previous owners. Your local locksmith service provider will advise you about the best locks to install. Once you’re happy replace the locks and make sure you get plenty of spare keys.

Check the Plumbing

An often overlooked aspect of a new home is the plumbing. When you’re inspecting a property it’s difficult to check every tap, sink and pipe. However, once you move in you may quickly find that certain maintenance and replacement jobs are required in this area.

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If you don’t have experience in this area hire a qualified plumber. They will carry out an initial check of your new homes plumbing. Once they complete, their check you and your plumber can get to work fixing and replacing any fixtures that have problems. It’s also the perfect time to replace dated taps, sinks, toilets and other plumbing fittings if required.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Poor lighting can create a negative mood in a home. Older lighting technologies also use more energy. If the lighting in your new property is out of date, replace the light holders, switches and bulbs. In recent years LED lighting solutions have become popular with homeowners who want to revamp their homes and reduce their energy bills.

Install or Replace Old Appliances with Energy Efficient Models

When you move into a new home the previous owner has probably taken most of their appliances with them. Those who leave their appliances behind normally do so for a reason – they’re old or not working properly. Hire an electrician to check your new homes appliances to see if they need to be replaced. If so, it’s time to spend some money again by purchasing energy efficient appliance that will suit your requirements.

Check, Maintain or Upgrade Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems are a necessity in homes that experience extreme weather conditions. Once again it pays to hire an expert to check your new property’s heating system, cooling system or both. Filters need to be changed, insulation needs to be added and in some cases whole units have to be replaced. It’s important to tackle this aspect of your home immediately, especially if you’re approaching extremely hot or extremely cold times of the year.

Purchasing a new property is exciting. However, the excitement soon subsides when the upkeep of the property becomes your responsibility. To get off to the best possible start, complete the five tasks above as quickly as possible so that life in your new home becomes a comfortable and stress-free as possible.


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