5 Types of Video Content to Promote Your Vacation Rental Business

If those who have done any internet exploration for any trip will realize watching video clips is the greatest approach to obtain a feel for that location. Whether …

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If those who have done any internet exploration for any trip will realize watching video clips is the greatest approach to obtain a feel for that location.

Whether tourists seek an ideal seaside home or even a town center flat, videography takes the top spot simply to visit the location in person.

Holiday rentals estate operators may utilize video content for conveying things that photographs cannot, so these might assist owners in obtaining extra reservations.

Anyone may utilize platforms such as Facebook or YouTube to publish stunning, appealing, and notable location listing videos, which may assist in increasing vacation rental reservations. Many folks seem to be digital natives and respond considerably better toward this sort of material.

Displaying Property Video Clip

A home walking tour highlighting the greatest characteristics of the property is a very prominent type of video.

The combination of videos and photos might be used to take visitors on a detailed journey of the whole location, and aerial shots may showcase the outer environment and adjacent region.

For creating a mood, newly listed clips frequently include a narrator or background soundtrack. The finest approach will offer a quick hyperlink for the location listing so consumers may learn further.

An “About Me” Video

For an introduction video, the property manager will describe one’s business and describe to the visitors about the special features included and reasons visitors will enjoy this location over competitor’s locations.

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Discuss when you entered into this market, how this drew you into rentals, and all the particular perks the business offers that distinguishes yourself from your competitors.

You may post the clip on your social profiles. Provide visitors with the contact details, as well as details about the place or other local details. Add several important keyword terms in the title to enhance the online visibility of the videos.

Neighborhood Tour

Provide the public a tour of the neighborhood, highlighting its greatest features, including scenic elegant places and viewpoints.

Visitors are eager to see everything they would do during their stay at the location, and therefore such type of film may get packed with helpful information. This can describe why visitors must spend holidays on that location and provide them a list of activities to perform and view should visitors rent the home.

To complement the property advertising, this is also an excellent natural material to publish on web portals or social network accounts.

Customer Testimonials

Comments seem to become usually compelling, but audio-visual testimonials by happy visitors can almost certainly be much greater so.

For creating a visitor testimony video, invite any satisfied visitor whether they might be willing to appear in any. For the return of their time, a special deal, rebate, or additional voucher might be provided to visitors.

This is fantastic to flaunt out the location, however, once others get nice reviews to spread which are not originating via business, it holds much greater importance.

Video Q&A

If the company has a FAQ section, why just not put such useful hints as a video clip?

This may teach visitors exactly how everything operates at the premises, educate visitors with the residence regulations, and answer every additional typical visitor question in the video, including textual or even narration.

Because of the audio-visual aspect of the replies in the clip, they may be much better prone to remember, which means lesser visitors might raise such concerns, and anyone who does should be least willing to doubt them later.


Users are aware of the impact that good-quality photographs may have on overall performance for any renting unit.

Including video clips may bring increased visitors to the listed site as well as reinforce specific reasons why anyone must select it above others, which may improve the holiday renting reservations nearly as well.

And, fortunately, creating a video clip is now simpler, unlike before. The users can employ a video creation company to assist them in recording and creating the video clip or you can create it yourself. In that case, users might be able to get greater outcomes and satisfied consumers.

Ensure to experiment with various methods and promotional platforms unless you discover something that performs effectively for the vacation rental company.

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