6 iPhone Apps for Your Home Security

A Smartphone can do anything. You know it, we know it. The best thing about a Smartphone is that it is so much more than just a messaging …

A Smartphone can do anything. You know it, we know it. The best thing about a Smartphone is that it is so much more than just a messaging and calling device. There is nothing a Smartphone can’t do. You might find hordes of games and fun applications that have the potential to distract you from your everyday activities, that which you shouldn’t be procrastinating. But there are also other extremely useful and important things that your device can do. Believe it or not, that little phone that you’re holding in your hand also possesses the power to provide you home security. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the following 6 smashing iPhone apps for home security.

1. AtHome Camera, Free
This app allows you to connect your phone with the home computer, resulting in turning the computer into a surveillance camera that can keep an eye on your home surrounding. Whenever any movement or suspicious activity is detected, AtHome will create 30 second footage, once you install the AtHome Camera and the AtHome Video streaming app. The device installed in your home as your computer will work as a camera, providing you with footage and photos of any suspicious activities that might be going on in your absence.

2. iCam Pro, Free
This is the most useful iPhone home security app. You can access it through up to 12 devices, including your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android etc. With iCam Pro you get to view any footage regardless of what device you are using. If it is connected through wifi to the iCam, you will immediately receive the required information. You are allowed to stream videos on your Apple device or Android through this connection established between the iCam and your iPhone or iPad.

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3. Presence, Free
This home security app will turn your old security devices into upgraded and more refined security services. Presence is a very competent app developed for any smartphone. When a movement is detected, the device will trigger an alarm to notify the owner of anything that might seem even remotely doubtful. False alarms are avoided through this intelligent app, since you are provided with immediate footage the moment a motion comes into view.

4. Alarm.com, Free
This app can be connected to your existing home security system, allowing you to monitor your security system from anywhere through the phone. You can know through your phone if someone is breaching through your alarm system, or if there is any suspicious movement that requires your attention. With Alarm.com app, you can keep a good eye on your home security system regardless of whether you are at home.

5. iSmartAlarm, Free
iSmartAlarm is just as smart as it claims to be. You have to buy the WiFi camera before installing the app in your phone. When you connect your device with the camera, it provides you with instant footage with its motion sensor capability. The moment you receive a notification, the app allows you to decide whether to call the cops or ignore it if it is a false alarm. iSmart is more reliable than other home automation apps.

6. Canary, Free (device $149)
Canary is a device that can be installed in place of the existing security system in your home. It is much more secure and fast since it comes with the app, and it is not even that expensive, which makes it all the more desirable. The device comes with a night vision HD camera, motion sensors, a microphone, and even climate sensors. The security system that Canary provides is unmatched, and no other free apps can easily match up to its standards. If you’re looking for a fool proof device for your home, Canary is the one for you.

So there you go, the aforementioned iPhone apps should surely give you a better idea of what additional abilities your phone can have. The next time you’re talking to a friend; don’t forget to mention the above apps that they can use as well!


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