6 ways to use memes to create buzz for your business and get you on the Forbes list of the wealthy

Understanding fundamentals of marketing in a modern day context can help you create enough buzz for your company to help you meet the bottom line and thrive in …

Understanding fundamentals of marketing in a modern day context can help you create enough buzz for your company to help you meet the bottom line and thrive in the current business environment.

Below is a guide to the rules you need to keep in mind as you create memes and your social media campaign to help promote your business.

Understand and engage

Understand your audience and engage them in conversation. Only by listening to what your target audience wants and getting a feel of what they would like, will you be able to create a buzz about what you are trying to promote.

Be specific

As with most things, a laser like focus on what you want to say is more influential than wasted energy trying to cater for all and nothing specific.

Quality vs. Quantity

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Again as it is with most things and especially in this case, quality always beats quantity. With good quality, your memes staying power will be guaranteed for a long time even beyond your brands lifetime.

 In fact, you could create such strong staying power that your meme is type-casted to your brand. This is a high quality problem that you want to have.

You definitely want to focus more on high quality work and then quantity. To create memes visit our website where you will have access to the ideas and content that you will need to create high quality campaign.

Long term commit

As with other social media content, sometimes you will strike gold immediately while at other times it may take a while for your content to create the buzz that you intended. It is also possible your first attempts will result into utter failures.

The important thing is to keep at it, be persistent with your goals, adapt to the ever changing environment within reason and to be patient.


How many times have you noticed an awesome piece of work only to go try and find out more about it and are awed by an amazing body of great work that passed you by. I have… and I am sure it has happened to you too or it will happen to you soon.

 The point is, when you put out good quality content into the internet, it will be memorable always. Users will re-discover and talk about it and that is what you always want. The key to rediscovery is consistency.

Be available

Once you create your social media campaign including your memes, stay in touch with your audience. They will want to ask questions and give compliments or critique your work. You will want to engage your audience with and they will reciprocate and support you as well.

As you create your memes, be careful to take into consideration copyright laws. You don’t want to do all the work creating an amazing campaign only to have it shut down because you have infringed some obscure copyright law. Involve your legal team or at least find out what the main rules of using and sharing content are.

In the same breath, you also want to protect your work from abuse by others.

A good place to start would be in understanding different types of content licenses and rules for “fair use”


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