7 Outdoor Renovations That Raise Your Property Value

 If you’re looking to sell your home in the next few years and want to get the most out of it, consider doing some renovations. Everyone knows that …

 If you’re looking to sell your home in the next few years and want to get the most out of it, consider doing some renovations. Everyone knows that renovating the interior of your home is a great way to raise your property value, but there are also several exterior revisions you can do, which are great for bringing in more prospective buyers. If your house looks good on the outside, home shoppers are likely to have a better view of the inside, bringing in more bids. Consider implementing the following outdoor renovations to achieve a higher value.  


1. Curb Appeal


The first impression anyone has of your home is what it looks like from the outside, so giving some attention to the front yard is an important part of increasing the value. Your main priority should be to clean it up, paying special attention to debris such as garbage, sticks, and leaves. Also, prune bushes and trees to enhance their beauty. Plant flowers and remove other unsightly plants. Keep the lawn mowed and the concrete swept. A well-kept front yard is integral to buyer interest.  


2. Deck

A deck of any kind is an extremely attractive option for home buyers. If you’re handy, try your luck at building a wooden one yourself, with plenty of seating and accessories facing your backyard. You can also have a stone patio built right off your backdoor. To increase the appeal of your deck, be sure to stage it with some really nice furniture. According to Oakville Home Leisure, the right patio furniture can deliver a Cabana Coast-style feel with or without the ocean backdrop, making it even more attractive to any home buyer.


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3. Roof Job


Have you ever seen a roof with missing or broken shingles? It’s not a pretty sight. It also makes potential home buyers worry about leakage and interior mold problems. Replacing your roof shingles will put buyers at ease and increase the curb appeal of your home. If it’s in the budget, also consider adding solar panels to your roof, which will cut utility costs by an average of 50 percent.


4. House Exterior Makeover


Peeling paint or cracked siding will not impress potential buyers. If the exterior siding of your home hasn’t seen an upgrade for several years, do something about it. Call in a professional to replace the siding, or repaint the house. You could also consider adding stone interest features. For example, create a rock-collage on the bottom half of the house exterior using decorative rock native to the area.


5. Shade


Adding shade trees to the front or backyard can be particularly appealing if you live in a warm climate. A tree that casts its shadow over a deck or patio or that shades a window during the afternoon without blocking the view adds a lot of value for homebuyers. It means that they can go outside and enjoy the weather, even when it’s hot.


6. Low-Maintenance Landscaping


Bring in a landscaper to improve the overall appearance of the lawn, but keep it low maintenance. The idea of tending to a yard that needs a lot of work can scare away many home buyers. Shoot for a simple, elegant look, with curved sidewalks and grass, native plants that require very little maintenance, a shade tree here or there, and an inlaid sprinkler system.  


7. Personal Flower Beds


People love it when they find a house that has one thing they can make their very own, and a flower bed is just that. Whether you have a large flower bed on either side of the porch or a few flower boxes below the window, a customizable flower bed will bring in prospective buyers who are looking for a place they can make their very own.


Whether you’re looking to sell or simply prepare the way for a future home turnover, improving the exterior of your home will do wonders for increasing your property value. 


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