7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Solar Energy In 2019

It seems more and more as though people are investing in eco-friendly products. For example, in certain areas of the country, you can count hundreds, if not thousands …

Solar farm

It seems more and more as though people are investing in eco-friendly products.

For example, in certain areas of the country, you can count hundreds, if not thousands of wind turbines placed throughout the landscape. Additionally, it’s no longer uncommon to see houses with solar panels mounted on the roof or nearby the house.

The question is why? Why are so many people biting on this green energy movement? For that matter, is it time for you to invest in solar energy?

Read on to find out!

Why You Should Invest in Solar Energy

If you subscribe to scientific data, you may already know how big of a deal climate change is.

The simple facts state that the more we burn fossil fuels for energy, the more damage we do to our planet’s ozone layer. With that damage comes continually rising temperatures, which has a cataclysmic and domino-like effect on Earth.

Doing your part by choosing to invest in solar energy and other eco-friendly products slows these changes, especially as other people around the world are jumping on the bandwagon.

Aside from protecting the planet, however, there many more benefits to solar energy. Check them out!

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  1. Off Grid Free Energy

Solar energy gives you the ability to be off-grid and still enjoy the simple luxuries of life, such as lights and even TV and internet!

If you were to invest in solar energy in an RV or camper, for example, you wouldn’t need to worry about tugging along a generator for your energy needs.

  1. No Power Outages

People who invest in solar energy for their homes never need to worry about power outages. They can separate themselves from the 36.7 million other Americans who do!

  1. Save on Your Energy Bill

While there is an initial cost of installing solar panels and a battery bank, using green energy can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year.

The average monthly electric bill in the U.S. is $111. That money could easily go back into your pocket each month!

  1. Go Green

We already discussed how our energy consumption is slowly killing the planet.

Imagine if everyone in just the U.S. chose to invest in solar energy or wind energy. It would make such an enormous difference in the health of the planet.

While it may seem like you alone won’t make much difference, solar companies know that even a single candle flame in a room with no light has an impact.

  1. Increase Your Property Value

Marketing data shows that installing solar energy on your property can increase its value, as much as $5,900 per kilowatt of installed solar energy!

Therefore, even if you invest in solar energy and end up moving, you still end up on top!

  1. Promote Sustainability

Not only will you help the environment when you invest in solar energy, but you’ll also inspire others to do the same!

When people see your solar system, they’ll think about how awesome it would be to have one themselves, whether on your RV or brick and mortar home.

  1. Stored Energy

Finally, having a solar system doesn’t mean you’ll only have power when the sun’s out. Solar panels divert the sun’s energy into a battery bank, where it waits to be used later.

Depending on the size of your battery bank and solar system efficiency, you could easily run off of stored power for some time before the batteries need to be recharged!

What Are You Waiting For?

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

Start living off-grid and protect yourself from power outages. Use free energy from the sun and help protect the planet. Increase your property value while lowering your energy bill.



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