A Broker for the Top One Percenters

 Sandra Balan belongs to a very rare and exclusive group of real estate brokers who only deals with deep-pocketed clients and luxury properties with gigantic price tags. When …

 Sandra Balan belongs to a very rare and exclusive group of real estate brokers who only deals with deep-pocketed clients and luxury properties with gigantic price tags. When Winston Marshall, guitarist of Mumford and Sons was looking for an extraordinary place he could call his home sweet home, he got in touch with Sandra Balan, a well-known and respected real estate veteran. Her special skills for finding only the best and finest of Manhattan’s most coveted buildings served her well as usual, netting the artist a fabulous huge loft which featured twelve-foot ceilings. The building, located in 237 Lafayette St. is situated at the edge of trendy Soho and Sandra Balan was able to help Winston Marshall buy the piece of heaven for $3.2 million.


A Rare Breed of Real Estate Broker

Dealing with busy, demanding and extremely wealthy clients like celebrities, musicians, Wall Street Bankers and foreign dignitaries takes a certain kind of mettle, and Sandra Balan’s expertise and nose for great deals, honed to a sharp edge for over two decades, are what is needed. A native New Yorker, Sandra Balan grew up in the Big Apple, and those years of being a longtime resident allowed her to deepen and filter her intimate knowledge of Manhattan’s luxury real estate market that attracts high-caliber clients who are serious about their desire to own glamorous properties as well as having a trusted agent who possess deep expertise, discretion and high level of service mind.

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Trust Sandra Balan to Get Your Luxury Property Off the Market

Sandra Balan is not only trusted by those who are seeking to buy luxury property, but she is also high on the call list of property owners who truly appreciate efficiency and consistent good results. Sandra Balan has regularly shown that she can get things done, namely sell a luxury property for the maximum price for the seller while at the same time making sure that the buyer is happy and satisfied with the purchase. In a tough and competitive real state market, especially one like Manhattan’s, Sandra Balan is an essential ally.


What Kinds of Digs You Can Expect From Sandra Balan

If you have more cash than you can think of what to spend on, you are basically spoilt for choice. Fancy getting a state-of-the art apartment that formerly belongs to a world famous director? What about burning some of your hard-earned cash for a massive townhouse with multiple bedrooms, a basketball court and floor-to-ceiling windows? Or perhaps you are a single man who has recently sold his Silicon Valley start-up and now would appreciate a moody and slick bachelor pad to impress your various dates? Would a penthouse on top of a New York skyscraper with 360-degree windows send your heart rate into overdrive? Well, if you can think of any kind of outrageous, glamorous property, chances are that Sandra Balan can get it for you. All you have to do is give her a ring and let her make your dream come true.


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