A Complete Maintenance Checklist For Rental Properties

Good maintenance of your rental properties ensures that you can have tenants all throughout since the property will remain attractive and appealing in the property market. You can …

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Good maintenance of your rental properties ensures that you can have tenants all throughout since the property will remain attractive and appealing in the property market. You can do maintenance to repair some problems or to level up some aspects of the properties to keep them updated with the current property trends.

rental propertiesRental property maintenance may be difficult if you’re a newcomer in the real estate market. For instance, the needs of your tenants may change from time to time. Additionally, property maintenance requires you to closely monitor your property or have a manager run the property and inform you of areas that need to be maintained. If you don’t have an eye to keep watching your rentals, things may fall apart. By the time you notice, the cost of the repair might be very high already.

This article gives you a complete checklist that you can use to ensure your property is well maintained.

Check The Roofing

A good roof in the right state ensures that your tenants are shielded from external conditions, like storms, rain, and the hot sun. It’ll also regulate the internal temperature.

Confirm that all shingles are in place and not damaged. Check whether nails are popping out and if whether rays of light are penetrating the roof. All of these are signs of roof deterioration and you need immediate action. Get a professional to do your roofing repair or contact the company that helps you maintain your property.

Inspect The Basement

It’s good to check the basement once or more times each year. Check whether any molds and pests are encroaching your property. Oftentimes, this area is forgotten. If left unkempt, it makes your basement look ugly and may cause your tenants to start disliking your property.

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Do Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your rental properties at least once each year is important. This keeps the property in a tidy state and prevents any grime from accumulating in the property. Deep cleaning also causes reduced tenant turnover, which is your aim as a landlord.

Test Every Emergency Alarm

Installed carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are key in saving the lives of your tenants. The best time to confirm whether they’re working perfectly is in summer and spring. Moreover, most of the alarms are fitted with a test button and the batteries are designed to operate for ten years. Therefore, test every device on your property at a time.

Replace batteries that are already ten years old. You can replace them even if they aren’t ten years yet. Doing so optimizes the working of the devices. If you own a multi-family property, remember to test detectors that are shared.

Inspect The Outside

Maintenance isn’t only for your house’s interior but also for the outside. Check whether there are water damages causing leakages. Also, check for any blockage of the sewer lines and unblock. Remove leaves from the gutters, too. Consider doing this before and after every rainy season. Blocked gutters may lead to wastage of water into the storage tanks. Hence, any damaged gutters should be repaired or replaced

Also, ensure that the garden is in the right condition. Remove protruding roots that are likely to cause accidents. If there are branches that are broken and can fall on the houses, you need to have them carefully cut so they won’t damage your property.

Change The Filters

In your checklist, remember to regularly change the filters of the dishwasher, AC, and hood; it’s believed that you should do this after every three months. In case you have some water filters, you should also replace them in the same way.

In the long run, taking these steps will save you money. This is because it’ll keep your appliances in good condition for a long time and you’ll also avoid breaking down, making your tenants happy.

Inspect The Fire Extinguishers

Ensure that the fire extinguishers you have in your rental property are good for use to prevent any fire tragedy. Look at the date of expiration and inspect any signs of wear and tear in the package. Check whether they’re placed in areas where they can be easily accessed, too.

House KeysConclusion

Always ensure that your tenants have a checklist that they can use to keep track of everything since your tenants can also help you identify areas that need your attention. Create a quick response mechanism whenever a problem arises to prevent it from worsening. By following this checklist, you can keep your property in good condition for long, ensuring your tenants are satisfied with your services.

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