A Few Good Reasons Why Smart Investors Prefer Real Estate Investments Over Stocks

People have been investing in both properties and stocks for a long time. Each of these assets comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. Due to the collapse of …

People have been investing in both properties and stocks for a long time. Each of these assets comes with specific advantages and disadvantages. Due to the collapse of the real estate market that happened a few years ago, many investors have decided to stay away from the real estate market. Even though this might sound logical, the fact is that the stock market is not protected from such changes. As a matter of fact, we have all witnessed some radical changes in the value of stocks of different companies. At the same time, the latest news shows that the real estate market, at least in some areas is very stable. We should not forget that investing in properties can be used as both long-term and short-term investment depending on the size, nature, and location of the property.

According to many expert investors, investing in properties is much more convenient and safe compared to stock market investments and there is historical data to support this claim. In case you are still not sure whether you should invest in the real estate market or not, we will highlight a few good reasons to support this claim.

To start with, with the help of a right real estate investment, you will be able to create cash flow immediately. As you are probably aware, stocks with the decent dividend will pay about 3% per year (more or less). Of course, this is not a bad investment, but you can’t use the money until you sell the stocks you have. On the other hand, when you own a property, you can use it to live there, you can rent it or do whatever you want. You can physically use it or you can generate cash right away. In addition, with a good strategy, you can make a great profit by selling the property. In cases like this, it is the best idea to use a reputable real estate company like Alan Smith Littleton Real Estate to speed up the process and get the most from your property.

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Furthermore, when we compare real estate to stocks, we will notice that it is much simpler and easier to evaluate a property. Even when the stock market is stable, the prices of stocks are changing on a daily basis which is not the case with the real estate market. People can always tell whether they are investing in a good property and if they use professional help they can be sure that they are making the right move. Evaluation of stocks is much more difficult and requires experience and knowledge and even in cases like this, you shouldn’t take things for granted.

Next, property buyers can negotiate a lower price. When it comes to stocks, the situation is clear – their price cannot be changed depending on buyer’s needs and requirements. On the other hand, the asking price can sometimes be lowered. Obviously, this is something that you can’t expect all the time, but there is a chance that shouldn’t be ignored.

Finally, inspecting a real estate investment is much simpler than inspecting a stock investment. When you are buying a property you can consult a real estate agent, discuss things related to the property with the owner etc.

As you can see, investing in real estate is simpler, easier and potentially more profitable compared to stock investment.


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