A Look Inside WC Equity Group

Today, investors are seeking a wider-range of investment opportunities – from future trading to alternative trading; note purchases to rental holdings. One firm that has been able to …

Today, investors are seeking a wider-range of investment opportunities – from future trading to alternative trading; note purchases to rental holdings. One firm that has been able to focus on exactly what investors are looking for (those seeking returns through the investment real estate sector) is WC Equity Group, a Tampa based equity group providing tangible assets with a full service management approach to acquisitioning, managing, and procuring rental holdings.

WC Equity Group allows the following notation, in brief, of their structure:

Biography: Founded by Westfield & Crowe, WC Equity Group was voted a top-tier firm in 2011. Our alliances include Asset managers, Bank agents, Private lenders, Title companies, Real Estate attorneys, and licensed agents. WC Equity Group does not act or perform services as a brokerage; instead, client & investor relations are the sole focus of our firm and our alliances.

The company, which allows investors/homeowners to purchase investment real estate, was founded by Westfield and Crowe with the simple goal of providing distressed assets to investors or low-cost homes to homeowners not seeking the traditional 1st time homeowner approach or costs.

Over the years, one aspect of the organization that has further developed is the property management aspect. Kurt noted, “Our clients are seeking a full service approach to investing. Many of our clients live outside of the Tampa market, outside or Florida, or even outside of the country and request property management, property maintenance, investment organization, and market analysis. Why not provide all of that under one umbrella?”

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Kurt Westfield answered a few questions regarding the market, asset demand, and additional aspects of the firm. Many of these responses were noted from a prior online journal publication/blog sponsored by LoopNet regarding Florida real estate.

Henry: What is the expected rate for return for multi-family and/or student housing in Florida?

Kurt: Excellent question in this market. Typical rate of return for multifamily properties in Florida is going to be between 8-12% annually. Multifamily properties are advantageous in that occupancy levels are usually kept high; whereas single family student housing must be tenant occupied to be lucrative. Our firm offers both, multi and single family properties at over 15-20% annual rate of return. I’d be happy to assist.

Gerry: Where can I find a list of properties with IRS liens?

Kurt: Your local county courthouse will provide this info; typical of auction procedures. Or, contact a local real estate attorney for filings.

Paul: What is cap rate?

Kurt: Cap rate refers to a properties capitalization rate, or, the ratio between the net operating income produced by an asset and its price. For example, if you are buying a property for 100K, and bringing in 10K annually, your cap rate is 10%. Typically, anything over 12% is considered excellent — my investment firm specializes in the sale and promotion of real estate assets with cap rates up to 30%. I hope this helps.

Komala: Do I have to have a business name to buy or can I buy as individual?

Kurt: You can buy as an individual; however, there are perks to buying under a business name. Consider an LLC or PA.


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