Beat Rising Prices with Great Bangkok Property Strategies

East Asia is one of the most unusual locales on Earth. At once it’s one of the oldest regions on Earth in terms of settled civilisation and an …

East Asia is one of the most unusual locales on Earth. At once it’s one of the oldest regions on Earth in terms of settled civilisation and an area teeming with state-of-the-art metropolises from Saigon and Hong Kong to Beijing and, yes, Bangkok. The crown jewel of Thailand is home to some of the oldest and most hallowed Buddhist sites in the region, and has a long history as a critical port and hub of trade and cultural exchange in the area.

In addition to all that, Bangkok is an intriguing option when it comes to property wheeling and dealing. With those competing impulses towards the old and new, the incredibly dense population of the city, and its strategic position in terms of Asian and world trade, there’s a lot to see, do, and experience in Bangkok, beginning with the wide variety of different properties tailored towards these many different backgrounds and lifestyles. Here, then, are a few things to consider when shopping for properties in Bangkok.

Condos and Apartments

Bangkok is an incredibly diverse city, with all manner of different districts. As such, before you buy or rent anything, you’re going to want to decide where in Bangkok you want to live—the financial district, for instance, or a more suburban neighbourhood. One thing that is constant across much of the city, however, is the fact that living in Bangkok can be expensive, up to and including high property values. On the one hand, that’s great if you’re looking to sell high and make good money. On the other hand, that means the price of homes in Bangkok is sky high.

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As such, you may want to look into condos and apartments as an alternative, especially if you are single. The price for even a single- or two-bedroom apartment can easily run into the five figures. On the plus side, with so many people seeking long-term living solutions in the condo and apartment market, Bangkok boasts some of the more spacious and rather lavish apartments in Thailand. As a result, while you may have to look into an apartment, you will not be disappointed.

Niche Markets

One of the things that has always helped keep Bangkok the unique metropolis that it is has been its ability to innovate on a city-wide scale. There are all kinds of quirks you find in Thai property ownership, such as long leases that can stretch for 99 years. Then there’s the matter of co-working spaces, which are just what they sound like, areas in which members from different departments in a company, or even different companies, can work side by side, so as to cut down on the overall rent. It’s a unique approach to the issue of rising property values and rents, and it’s thus far been a successful one at that.

Whilst navigating all the twists and turns of these property quirks, chances are you’ll want a Bangkok property agent on your side to ensure that you’re not only understanding all of the nuances of Thai property ownership, but also to help ensure you get the best deals.

When it comes to getting the best property possible in Bangkok, you just can’t beat that professional touch.


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