There is a new trend in the market that is making the round these days, and that is of the new and unique style of apartments which have …

There is a new trend in the market that is making the round these days, and that is of the new and unique style of apartments which have come up, with the westernization of the country, especially the younger generation who are the most influenced by it, are becoming more and more independent day by day, they don’t want to be dependent on their parents and want to live on their own. So, these new apartments called; Studio apartments are the best option for them.

They are cheap and efficient, and totally right for a person who is just starting his/her journey towards being independent and self-sufficient.

A studio apartment is a miniature form of a proper apartment, it has all the basic features but it’s not quite large in size and square feet.  They are equipped with one bedroom, bathroom and a dining area which is all combined within the living room. Some of them might not have a full sized kitchen, but have the basic essentials of a kitchen.



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Studio apartments are well suited for singles, students and retired individuals. In cities, they are mostly found near universities and public transportation. They appeal to people who want to live inexpensively and simply.

Below are some of the advantages of living in a studio apartment:-

Studio apartments are usually the most affordable units one can find. They are cheap, but do provide the all basic essentials for living. They are apt for people who want to save money.

Saving money and choosing to live in a studio apartment means you actually might be able to afford living in the hip and happening parts of the town, and be within walking distance of your workplace and trendy restaurants.

Everything in the apartment is located in the same room, so you don’t have to move around much to get something from one room to another, and this also prevents you from forgetting where you’ve kept your stuff.

With everything in one room and within your reach, cooking, cleaning, paying bills and even watching your favourite show, can all be done without having to switch rooms.

They are easy to keep clean, because there is so little to clean, and it’s all in one place.

They often come with some communal facilities in the apartment complex, which should be free to use. These can range from things such as laundry rooms too swimming pools and gyms.

Thus, there are many reasons to choose studio apartments, and in today’s time one can find such apartments almost everywhere. The property in Delhi NCR is booming these days with various options like, ready to move in flats in Gurgaon and Noida. Studio apartments are also available in these up and coming areas, with the help of the internet and a realtor, there is a little chance of one not being able to find a good studio apartment.




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