Brazil’s Praia do Forte Property Market Review

Praia do Forte evinces the kind of Brazilian fishing village charm lost by many due to overpopulation or development, yet prices for property are still reasonable despite its …

Praia do Forte evinces the kind of Brazilian fishing village charm lost by many due to overpopulation or development, yet prices for property are still reasonable despite its appeal to tourists. Praia do Forte offers up-market real estate in several price bands ranging from budget one-bedroom homes to luxurious beachside compounds with numerous rooms, guest accommodations, gardens, pools and maid service. Home prices range from R$500,000 for quaint budget purchases to R$2,700,000 for the most luxurious and well-appointed plots and village condominiums. For more on this continue reading the following article from Global Property Guide.

Traditional Bahia fishing villages are famous for their tranquility and charm, but Praia do Forte is one of the few places that still maintains that charm even though it attracts plenty of tourists from all over the world. The beaches are active, yet peaceful and save for few fishing boats moored near the beaches, there is no indication that this was just a fishing village a few decades ago.

Imagine buying a house or owning a holiday home in this peaceful place and living amongst lush tropical greenery near lovely beaches. Houses in Praia do Forte are great investments whichever way you look at them.

What Can You Expect From Houses In Praia do Forte?

As a place with a high demand for all types of real estate, properties in Praia do Forte are usually upmarket real estate offerings in nice locations near the beach or the village. Most properties have at least two bedrooms and a swimming pool.

On an average, the price is about R$1,500,000 for a mid-size house, but the range starts from as low as R$500,000 and prices could be as high as R$2,700,000 for large luxurious property. Prices depend a lot on the location, plot size, built-up area and the amenities provided. Take a look at your options at different price points.

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Budget Houses
This is the low end of the range. At about R$500,000, you can get a nice one bedroom property close to the beach. The plots are usually about 100 sq. meters and the constructed area will be about 75 sq. meters. These are good buys for use as a holiday home or for renting out. Capital appreciation can also be expected.

Comfortable Houses For A Small Family

If you have a budget of close to R$900,000, you will be able to buy a house which is perfect for a small family. These properties are located in traditional condos near the beach or village. The built-up area should be about 180 sq. meters on plots of about 400 sq. meters. Expect two bedrooms and one of them could be a suite.

Spacious Houses With Good Facilities

You can get three to four bedroom houses with multiple suites in the R$1,000,000 to R$1,500,000 range. These are usually at great locations near the beach in upmarket condos. The built-up area will be in the range of 200 to 300 sq. meters on plots that can vary between 350 to 850 sq. meters. Some properties have air-conditioning installed and some are fully furnished.

You can expect good parking facility, swimming pool and sometimes a small garden. Other facilities to look out for are round the clock security, water storage facilities, large service areas and balconies with splendid views.

Luxurious Houses In Praia do Forte

With a budget of about R$1,600,000 to R$1,850,000, you can get a luxurious house in some of the best locations near the beach or the village in upmarket condos. These properties are excellent for high class living or for generating a good rental income. You can expect about 300 sq. meters construction on plots of about 400 sq. meters.

Most properties here have four bedrooms with multiple suites and all the facilities you would expect such as a pool, garden, covered parking for multiple cars, leisure area, security, water storage, playground, children’s play area, fitness center, service area and office to mention a few.

High End Houses

These large luxury houses are built on plots over 1000 sq. meters and priced above R$1,900,000. These are five to six bedroom properties with all facilities mentioned in the lower ranges. In addition, you can expect maid service and sometimes the plot has an additional smaller property with multiple bedrooms which can be used to accommodate guests or employees.

If you are looking for a house in Bahia not too far from Salvador, then Praia do Forte will be an excellent place to start your search. Real estate here is in great demand due to the various advantages of the place. With the right budget, houses in Praia do Forte will meet most of your requirements for a lovely property in a peaceful resort setting.

This article was republished with permission from Global Property Guide.


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