Buy A Retirement Home In South France – Spend A Sunny Retirement Life

Are you someone who is wondering about where to spend your retirement years? How about considering a retirement in France? For all retirees, France offers a superb quality …

Are you someone who is wondering about where to spend your retirement years? How about considering a retirement in France? For all retirees, France offers a superb quality of life amidst the modern comforts and luxury which you even enjoy at home. Although France doesn’t have any special kind of incentive visa for the retirees, yet the process of retiring in France is pretty simple like other half-EU countries. You just have to apply a long-term visa from the nearest French consulate in your own country after which you obtain it. In order to prove that you’re financially able to retire in a country like France, you need to offer bank statements or pension plans. Make sure your health insurance plan covers you in France or you can even obtain a suitable insurance plan which covers you in France.

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Will you get suitable climate in France?
You will be very happy to know that France has the most temperate climate but there are many variations according to regions. Average temperatures during winter season range from 32 degree F to 46 degrees F and average summer temperatures range from 61 degrees F to 75 degrees F. The Languedoc and Provence regions are categorized by blisteringly hot summers and very mild winters. Apart from the north and the central regions, Paris also has fairly cool and rainy winters though the summers are pretty hot. You should be aware that the French use Celsius as their temperature scale and hence you shouldn’t expect temperatures to be given in Fahrenheit.
Purchasing a retirement home in Languedoc, France – What you need to know?
The sunny climate, slow pace of life, low rate of crime and good values on property are some of the main factors which influence the Brits to retire in the region near Southern France. Just make sure while you are looking move your household items and your belongings use a reliable removal company that has the expertise and knowledge. There are some key issues that you need to take into account while buying a retirement home in South France, Languedoc. Check them out.
> Part-time versus permanent: Permanent retirement is not the only option that the workers get. If you have lived in a similar area throughout your life, surrounded by family members and friends, you might find it tough to live without them. Hence, instead of retiring permanently and Languedoc, you can consider buying a small apartment where you can spend a small part of the year.
> Tax details: Should you opt for selling your property in the UK and opt for seasonal retirement or should you keep both your foot in both the countries? Keep in mind the tax implications of capital gains of owning a retirement home and you may talk to a financial consultant before making the final decision.
> Search for the right location: When you search for the right location, keep in mind the weather, accessibility and amenities. As you keep aging, your mobility will gradually reduce and hence you might wish to have your friends and neighbors near you. Look for such a location so that you don’t have to reside alone.
> Consider your priorities: Be straightforward about your priorities. What do you need and what you want? Retire and travel around Europe? What kind of weather do you prefer? Make sure you purchase a le midi only because you earnestly wish to live in Languedoc and not only because you feel you can purchase a bigger property in the UK. Set your priorities right.
> Accessibility: Buy a home in Languedoc which has a reasonable distance from the international airport and for your kind information, Languedoc has 5 airports. You might have taken the decision of permanently retiring to the southern France but make sure you can speed back to your country in case of an emergency.
> Amenities: Are shops, restaurants, markets within a walking distance? Are there medical facilities and hospitals nearby? Remember that retirement is all about enjoying whatever you have earned during your work years and hence you should ensure that your location offers you maximum cultural and entertainment activities.
> Cost and standard of living: Make a comprehensive market research about the cost of living in the area that you choose, here Languedoc. Compute the disposable income and make sure you are able to live your retirement in a comfortable manner. Remember that although the French house prices are cheaper than homes in the UK, you will most likely be unable to sell up your retirement home and return back. 
If you decide to purchase an older Languedoc for your retirement home, don’t get attracted to the property and take into account the location of the property as well. The calm environment of Languedoc might lure you but since your mobility is inevitably going to decrease, you are most probably going to become dependent on public transport. Hence, make an informed and well-measured decision.

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