Buying to Let – Why It Pays to Have a Good Cleaning Company On Board

 When you own a number of properties and you tend to have a fairly regular turnover of tenants, one thing that can make all the difference in ensuring …

 When you own a number of properties and you tend to have a fairly regular turnover of tenants, one thing that can make all the difference in ensuring your properties don’t remain vacant for long is, surprisingly, how good the cleaners you use are. This may seem like a trivial thing, or you may think you can simply handle the cleaning yourself when a tenant vacates, however the kind of deep clean professional house cleaners can give makes a property endlessly more appealing to potential new tenants.


Why a Deep Clean Is Vital After Every Tenant Exit

You may have expectations that your tenants will leave the property in great condition, and in some cases they will, for fear of losing their deposits. However, most people will just do the bare minimum to meet the terms of their contracts, because not only is it really no concern of theirs how easily you can let the place after they’ve gone, but they also have a lot of other things to do while they are busy with their own move. You can insist that all tenants give their apartments a thorough deep clean or hire a cleaner in their rental contracts but they will probably go for the cheapest option, and that won’t leave your apartment in its absolute best condition like the kind of house cleaning Indianapolis companies who have professional grade cleaning equipment and products.

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Regular Cleaning When an Apartment Remains Unoccupied

If one of your rental properties doesn’t attract new tenants for a while, it is a good idea to have your cleaning company come in and do a basic clean every now and then to ensure it remains looking fresh and appealing when people come to view it. While nobody may be living there to make it properly ‘dirty’, dust and things like cobwebs can still appear and will give viewers the sense that the home has been unoccupied for some time, making them wonder if there is something wrong with it. Keeping it sparkling clean will make it a much more enticing prospect.

Cleaning Communal Areas When You Own the Whole Building

If you don’t just own some apartments but a whole apartment building, you will definitely need a cleaning company to take care of all the shared spaces, which tenants will generally never clean themselves. Hallways, stairwells and elevators, as well as the entrance areas, will need to be kept beautifully clean to prevent your building from looking run down and unpleasant. Regular cleaning will keep your tenants satisfied and make the building a more enjoyable place to live, as well as making it attractive for new tenants if you have unoccupied units. The more high end the building is, the more cleaning there probably is to do, considering high end buildings often have things like work out rooms, communal lounge suites and even pools.


Finding and using a good cleaning company is very important if you want happy tenants and to have no trouble keeping your apartments full.


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