Can Sports Betting be Considered an Investment?

Clients of betting companies can be divided into two types, gamblers and professionals. For the former, bets are entertainment, and for the latter, a source of stable income. …

Sports Betting

Sports BettingClients of betting companies can be divided into two types, gamblers and professionals. For the former, bets are entertainment, and for the latter, a source of stable income. In this article, will tell you which approach to betting can be considered as an investment, what the pros and cons of this activity are.

Features of sports betting as an investment

The purpose of sports betting is to place capital and make a profit. This makes them similar to investments in securities, precious metals and stones. However, the risks in betting are much higher. But the profit can be not 10-12% per year, but 100-200% per month.

The main thing is to calculate the probability of the outcome correctly and look for the odds that the bookmaker mistakenly overestimated. Such an investment can bring 200-300% profit over a run of 300-400 matches.

Benefits of using sports betting as an investment:

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  1. No big start-up capital required. You can start with $500.
  2. High income, as we talked about above.
  3. It is convenient to manage funds. You can always withdraw your money from the bookmaker’s account.
  4. Large selection of tools. You can bet on your own, enlist the help of professional tipsters, analyse statistics and online information.

However, do not expect to make an instant profit. You won’t know how much you’ll make until about 200 or 300 matches. Also, the risks are very high, and a beginner at the start of his journey as a bettor can go into the red.

What to consider when investing in sports betting

Many tactics can be found on the Internet that allow you to bet with a high degree of efficiency. The most profitable strategies are considered to be those using arbitrage situations such as inflated odds and value bets. In the first case, the income can be obtained after 100 or 200 matches, and in the second – from each bet. However, bookmaker offices do not welcome such practices and often block the accounts of overly successful players.

It is not recommended to play the totalizator, bet on the system and parlay bets since it is extremely difficult to get income in these types of bets even for professionals. You can bet on short-term events (one match) and long-term events (bets on the winner of the tournament, leaving the group of a certain team, and so on).

Differences between a professional bettor and a gambler

The main difference is that gamblers want to win in every match. At the same time, they bet on emotions, guided solely by intuition and without a clear plan of action. Such a game can easily lead to bets on too large amounts and a complete loss of the initial pot. In the worst case, a losing hobbyist may start borrowing money from acquaintances and taking out loans to recover losses.

Professional bettors treat sports betting as a long-term investment. They evaluate the result only over the long run. This means that for several days in a row the bettor may be in the red, but at the end of the month, he will make a profit. To be in the black, professionals assess all risks, compare odds, analyze information on each team and individual athlete before making a bet. Experienced bettors are never guided by intuition, they base their actions only on proven facts. With this approach, bets can be considered an investment.

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