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Executive Summary   MISSION STATEMENT Compliments International, LLC provides products and systems to individuals and companies to increase business, develop intentional repeat and referral business, and enhance their …

Executive Summary



Compliments International, LLC provides products and systems to individuals and companies to increase business, develop intentional repeat and referral business, and enhance their company image. While most companies and professionals know that their business is very dependent upon repeat business and referrals, this is often looked upon as a by-product, or something the “just happens” and that generation of repeat and referral business is not something that can be created. Founded on the fact that most business is either repeat or referral, Compliments International, LLC provides products, systems, and methodologies that intentionally develop repeat and referral business.

BUSINESS DESCRIPTIONCompliments International, LLC provides targeted referral marketing for a wide range of businesses and professionals through an automated marketing system, powered by its core products; website and The Compliments Card.

TheComplimentsCard.Com provides an exclusive, membership driven, direct response marketing opportunity that targets a very specific client and showcases our participating establishments alongside with the largest retailers and hospitality companies in the world. allows the establishment to communicate directly with the Compliments member-base which consists of, high-income consumers, business owners, sales professionals, corporate teams, organizations, associations and community members. We market to our member on your behalf of our establishments. 
Establishments who are participating in The Compliments Card marketing and advertising program gain the benefits of having a full time sales force working on their behalf to generate new members and customers for their establishment. will become the one-stop-shop for accessing membership benefits in the form of discounts, points, rewards, cash back and coupons from a central location. While these programs exist in many different forms, Compliments International is providing the ability to package all of these benefits in a membership card that can be personalized and given as a gift to clients, vendors, employees, family and more in the form of The Compliments Card!

The Compliments Card is used by businesses and professionals as an affordable gift to their clients which provides discounts and cash back rewards at thousands of establishments which are listed on our website for an entire year. The card coupled with a monthly email and branded website helps keep their brand in front of the customers year round, thus increasing their referral business.

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Since each card can be personalized and branded with the giver’s name, phone number, logo, and website, the giver benefits from referrals generated by conversations stimulated by use of The Compliments Card. The key value of The Compliments Card is that it is a customizable gift card which brands the giver of the card. The recipient of the card receives benefits in the form of discounts for products and services over the term of membership. Memberships are for a period of one year and Compliments reminds members as their membership is about to expire of the great benefits they have received and encourages them to renew their membership.include tying into credit cards and cash cards to provide benefits automatically when those cards are used.

The Compliments Card signifies membership in Compliments International. Although The Compliments Card has significant intrinsic value, the true value of The Compliments Card is to the professional (or company) giving it as a marketing / referral generation tool


  • A personalized and branded gift card.
  • A premier membership to receive benefits at “Only the Finest” Establishments.
  • A Referral Generation Tool.
  • Brands the giver – not the creator of the gift.
  • With frequently updated benefits, members are driven to visit
  • Cardholders see the giver’s information when logging into the website.
  • Fundraisers can use The Compliments Card to generate regular revenue.
  • Companies can use The Compliments Card to provide a cost effective benefit that promotes the Company.
Compliments International targets 6 primary markets:
  1. Professionals or companies seeking to intentionally generate repeat and referral business.
  2. Companies seeking to provide their employees with an affordable, year long benefit.
  3. Companies desiring to reduce Travel and Entertainment expenses through a premier dining card.
  4. Fundraisers and Non-profits seeking to raise money and to create a revenue stream.
  5. General public desiring to save money when shopping online, dining or visiting other Compliment’s establishments.
  6. Establishments seeking to increase their customer base and secure loyal customers who refer.


If you are a serious invest and would like to learn more about Compliments International, please send email to with Investing in the subject line.



Compliments International, LLC is based in Dallas, Texas. Compliments launched its first establishment in April of 2007 followed by Seattle, WA in August 2007. The Compliments Card began selling in Costco Wholesale in November 2007 and as of April 2008 we signed Wyndham Hotels and Resorts April, 2008. The addition of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts will bring your customers over 6,500 new locations to use their Compliments Card in over 100 different countries! As of May 2008 Compliments International has achieved a staggering establishment listing base of over 11,000 major retailers, department stores, restaurants and entertainment venues, and much more.

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