Costa Rica beckons as an investment, rental property, vacation home or to speed up retirement plans

Try out the Pura Vida Lifestyle for $250.  Check out Costa Rica real estate. Pura Vida. It’s the catchphrase that’s come to symbolize the desire to enjoy the …

Try out the Pura Vida Lifestyle for $250.  Check out Costa Rica real estate.
Pura Vida. It’s the catchphrase that’s come to symbolize the desire to enjoy the best lifestyle possible…simple, relaxed, and in tune with your surroundings. And there’s one place in Costa Rica that offers that Pura Vida lifestyle…for less. You can buy your own slice of this pure paradise for as little as $40,000.
Where is this place? It’s Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast.


Costa Rica’s South Pacific is home to the country’s most pristine and spell-binding scenery. Cloud-ringed mountain peaks, covered in emerald-green rainforest, drop dramatically to sweeping sandy beaches. Crashing waterfalls tumble down the mountain slopes. Roads have crossings for tapirs and monkeys…beaches have look-out points for whales and dolphins…and you can breakfast alfresco in the company of toucans, tiny jewel-bright hummingbirds, and palm-sized blue butterflies.
And there’s not a high-rise condo tower or all-inclusive resort in sight…
It sounds exactly like the kind of place that should attract swarms of property buyers. But it hasn’t…until now. That’s because it was tough getting here. The coastal highway was in bad shape. But the upgraded, re-surfaced coastal highway opened a year ago, cutting the drive time from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, to three hours. It’s now a quick, easy and comfortable drive.
Better yet, plans call for an international airport here.  And we know what that can do for property prices…
Right now, $40,000 buys you a lot in the South Pacific, in the most established community, Pacific Lots. In its 22nd year, this growing community has attracted Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Asians, and Costa Ricans. The development is set against a stunning mountain backdrop, with expansive ocean views. You can even buy a rental or investment property with your self-directed retirement account and diversify your portfolio internationally through our turnkey rental management program. 
You can take advantage of this unspoiled setting. You can go sport fishing…zip lining…sea kayaking …swim, surf or snorkel in the warm tropical waters…trek through the rainforest…bird watch…or try white water rafting. 
You can enjoy this hidden corner of Costa Rica, without sacrificing home comforts or little luxuries. You can get Internet and phone service, and satellite TV.  You can pick up warm French baguettes, or linger over an espresso and pastry at the coffee shop…buy Cuban cigars, Swiss chocolate, imported cheese, and champagne at the delicatessen…and enjoy Indonesian, organic, French or Italian food in the local restaurants.
Pacific Lots offers lots with mountain views from $40,000…and lots with killer ocean views from $90,000. There are no time limits to build. You can either build your own home, or the developer can build for you.  Luxury custom construction runs around $100 a square foot.
Come and see for yourself, on a Pacific Lots Discovery Tour. These four-day, three-night trips are yours for just placing a $250 deposit on a home site. Then just take a complimentary visit, pick out your home site and try out the Pura Vida lifestyle, and see if it fits. The $250 deposit is already applied to the purchase price of a property if you buy. Just book your flight to San Jose, and we’ll take care of the rest…accommodations, meals, and transport. You can check out our community…built homes, and those under construction…see the little villages and beaches close by…immerse yourself in this gorgeous eco-wonderland…and decide if it’s right for you. GO TO NOW TO FIND OUT MORE/RESERVE. 


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P.S. Our area of the country is now rivaling some of the best locations on the entire Pacific coast… at substantial savings.  This area will be the new Malibu, Carmel or Big Sur at a fraction of the cost. Don’t wait until we have nothing left to sell. Come see us on a Discovery Tour before it’s too late. CONTACT HERE TO FIND OUT MORE/RESERVE.

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