Digital Signage Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Digital signage is now at a price point where it is likely to be within the reach of most small businesses. This is a great development as it …

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Digital signage is now at a price point where it is likely to be within the reach of most small businesses. This is a great development as it means that small businesses can now enjoy the benefits of digital signage in the same way as their larger counterparts. 

The key to getting the most out of your digital signage, think about the traffic within your organization and what it signifies. Generally, you want to put your digital signage displays where they will be most visible and hence have most impact. 

Use digital signage to answer common questions

Digital signage is a great way to tell your customers what they need to know when and where they need to know it. You no longer need to rely on staff identifying customers who need help (without interrupting those who don’t) or customers being confident enough to approach staff, especially if they look (or obviously are) busy.

Depending on the nature of your business, you might opt to display the same information at multiple locations or to have individual digital signage displays show information which is relevant to its immediate surroundings. 

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Use digital signage to upsell 

There are two aspects of human nature which all effective salespeople need to understand. Firstly, everybody loves a bargain. Secondly, people are far more likely to take action quickly when they are under time constraints. 

These two facts of life are why carefully-created special offers work so well. Use your digital signage to upsell with special offers which are constrained by time (today only), or context (buy X, get Y at a discount) or even both (today only buy X and get Y at a discount). 

Thanks to digital signage, you can display these messages to your customers at the point where they are most likely to be motivated by them. For example, if you have a context-sensitive special offer, you can display it where the relevant items are located.

Use digital signage to engage with customers

There are basically two areas in which business can compete against each other. One is price and the other is value. 

Competing on price means a “race to the bottom”, this can be very brutal. Competing on value really means competing on best overall customer experience, in which price is just one factor among many. Given that small businesses are highly unlikely to be able to compete effectively on price, it usually makes the most sense to compete on value.

In order to be able to offer value, you need to understand what it is that customers value, which means you need to engage with them. You can use your digital signage to undertake polls and surveys, but a more effective way to deploy it may be to motivate customers to seek you out online where you can really work on building a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them.

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