Ecuador Coastal Living for $50,000

Ecuador is getting more and more attention for its beautiful climate, amazing coastal scenery and affordable cost of living for expats looking for a South American getaway, and …

Ecuador is getting more and more attention for its beautiful climate, amazing coastal scenery and affordable cost of living for expats looking for a South American getaway, and now new construction and infrastructure is delivering beachfront condos at $50, 0000 apiece according to Pathfinder property researcher Ronan McMahon. Buyers can expect to pay as little as $100 a month total for property taxes, condo fees and other associated costs, while being able to enjoy beachside amenities all year long. Those with serious interest may want to consider attending the International Living’s Live and Invest in Ecuador seminar hosted in Quito in November. For more on this continue reading the following article from International Living.

Ecuador’s 1,452-mile coast holds the best real estate values on my beat. That’s saying something. I’ve scouted real estate in 16 countries in the last year alone.

Along Ecuador’s Pacific coast, $50,000 buys you a beachfront condo. Expect to pay no more than $100 per month to cover your property tax, condo fees and other holding costs.

You are spoiled for choice. But for me it’s a choice of one. One project and place. There’s only one best in class.

You see, of all that coast, it’s a 100-mile stretch that stands out. The nicest beaches are here. Steep hills clad with rich green virgin jungle rise from the Pacific. The weather is close to perfect. It has been sunny each time I visited…yet it rains enough to maintain the forest canopy.

To the north it tends to be muggy and it rains more. South of here the convergence of ocean currents send fog and cloud rolling inland.

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This is a nature lovers paradise. Hiking in hills, the trees and butterflies jump out at you like in James Cameron’s movie Avatar. But this is real. There’s no handing back of 3D glasses after you visit.

This stretch of coast stayed undiscovered because it was difficult to get to. That’s why there were no high-end condos with North American amenities…

Until now.

Condos are coming with this $50,000 price tag. A new highway means that this stretch of coast is now the most accessible beach area to the capital city—Quito.

A developer I know and respect is planning a condo project perched above one of the nicest beaches on this coast. Amenities will include tennis, recreation areas and a beachfront restaurant. He’s ready to go. All he is waiting on is his final permits.

I know the quality of his work. I know the site where these condos are to be built. I have admired it on three occasions. These will be special…best in class.

I’m going back soon. I’ll visit the week before International Living’s Live and Invest in Ecuador Seminar in November. To kick the dirt…and admire the views with renderings and plans in hand. I’ll present a report of my findings, hot off the press, to attendees at the Ecuador Seminar.

Because this coast is so nice and is now so accessible things are really starting to kick off. Visitors, projects and investors are coming. I’ll visit other planned projects, too. Each will have a shot at the “best in class” title. But for now it’s this one project. It will be difficult to knock this opportunity off the top spot.

This is a stretch of coast you should check out. If you are joining us in Quito I look forward to telling you about my trip. I’m hoping the developer will join us, permits in hand.

This article was republished with permission from International Living.


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