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While Adam Greene Melville NY resident normally has his hands full as a partner at Greene and Company LLP, a father of two, a volunteer youth sports coach …

While Adam Greene Melville NY resident normally has his hands full as a partner at Greene and Company LLP, a father of two, a volunteer youth sports coach and an active member of numerous community associations, he also takes his charitable and philanthropic inclinations further by taking the time to write helpful blogs about numerous aspects of taxation and finance, the two areas he has specialized in since graduating from the University of Hempstead with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. From the differences between inheritance tax and estate tax to the ins and outs of business succession planning, Greene’s blogs are invariably well-informed and easy to understand, drawing on his years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and providing a useful resource for anyone who needs advice in the fields in which Greene is an acknowledged expert.

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One notable area where Greene provides useful advice is on the nature and purpose of GAAP compliance. GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and focuses on creating a high standard of accounting and business values. Businesses that subscribe to GAAP values – including, under Adam Greene Melville NY‘s steerage, Green and Company LLP – show any and all outsiders, whether potential clients or potential investors, that the company is healthy and in it for the long term. The use of exclusively qualitative data in the scheme removes the potential for any subjectivity on the part of those preparing the data and assessments of the company’s health and long-term prospects.

In addition to advocating for the more widespread adoption of GAAP to improve investor confidence, Adam Greene Melville NY is also evangelical about becoming a Certified Public Accountant or CPA. Again is advocacy is rooted in the belief that adherence to the rule required to become and remain a CPA (the license has to be renewed every three years to remain valid) will boost confidence as well as demonstrating to the world that the holder of the license is to be taken seriously as a valid voice in the world of accounting. Additionally, becoming a CPA is virtually guaranteed to improve a CPA’s salary!

Despite highly valuing the skills and knowledge required to be a successful accountant, Greene is happy to share some of the secrets of the trade for free on his blog. For example, numerous blogs are dedicated to the minutiae of how to successfully run the accounting and financial side of a business, from Tax Services and Financial Planning to Accounting and Bookkeeping. The blogs provide sound advice in a direct and easy to understand fashion that will doubtless be helpful to anyone doing their taxes or maintaining sound finances, whether a business or a private individual.


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