Finding An Ideal Beach Property In Ecuador

Finding a dream location can seem like an impossible feat, but for Carl Taylor all it took was a tour along the Ecuadorian coast to find the location …

Finding a dream location can seem like an impossible feat, but for Carl Taylor all it took was a tour along the Ecuadorian coast to find the location for his dream oceanview home. Located on the crest of a hill with ocean views to the west and lush jungle and mountain views to the East, construction of Taylor’s dream home will be completed in 2011. See the following article from International Living for more on this.

It’s like a picture I once saw, a high cliff somewhere on the coast of Ecuador. A cottage is perched on the brow of a jungle shrouded cliff. Far below, a ribbon beach and rows of tiny white breakers.

I came looking for my Ecuador dream. After the Ultimate Event 2010, I chose the Southern Coastal Tour.

The cool Humboldt Current flows north along the West Coast of South America. Something causes most of the moisture from the sea to pass over the coast and fall as rain far inland, high on the mountain slopes. Much of the Pacific Coast of South America is quite dry. However, you will also see a few areas that are somehow green and lush.

The water that supports these green swaths comes from far away mountains. Water follows the valleys and some of it flows in the sand back to the coast.

This close to the Equator, why is the sea breeze cooler than expected? Perhaps it is that cool ocean current and the fact that near the Equator, both days and nights are always the same length.

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During the tour, I fell in love with an ocean view lot. It is in a hillside development about a mile from the beach. My lot is at the crest of the hill.

To the West, the panoramic view overlooks a small fishing village flanked by more green hills and then the blue Pacific. The clincher for me was the view to the East—lush green jungle and distant mountains.

An added attraction is a nearby and colorful surfer town with plenty of nightlife, inexpensive seafood and adult beverages. Surfers and vacationers arrive there from all over the world. This is a real hot spot and I can imagine a number of world class locations that were probably like this one 20 years ago.

Near the fishing village, along the beach is an established expat and vacation home community. They gathered for a great “welcome and get acquainted” party. I met English-speaking locals and helpful expats.

I was so excited that I put up my earnest money. Back in the U.S., I visited the developer to see some of his other projects. I returned to Ecuador to visit the construction company. We worked together to develop plans for a house that fit my budget.

You know the color of café con leche? That’s the color it should be, red tile roof, café con leche and lots of glass.

For me, the process is as important as the end result. Now that I own my ocean view lot in Ecuador, I plan to start construction of my “dream cottage”. Construction should be completed during 2011.

Why am I planning to attend my second Quito event, the Ultimate Event 2011? I have more places to go and more people to see in Ecuador. I want to visit with all folks I met last year and hear the latest news from IL.

But this isn’t a picture. It’s going to be my new home.

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