Finding The Best Car Insurance Quotes In South Africa

Every car owner requires a car insurance to protect him/her from costs that can be incurred during any unfortunate events like fire, accidents or other types of natural …

Every car owner requires a car insurance to protect him/her from costs that can be incurred during any unfortunate events like fire, accidents or other types of natural calamities. In some parts of the world, car insurance has been made mandatory as the government itself finds it vital for the benefit of the people. It aids the owners to cope with the expenses by covering different costs incurred under certain scenarios. This is the reason why many people are looking for the best car insurance covers these days. However, there are people who find it a daunting task to look for competent insurance companies and cannot make out which policy will suit them the best.

It is vital that you look out for car insurance company websites, as this will help you get to only the best, affordable car insurance quotes and relevant details that will best equip you when it is about making a wise decision about which insurer you should choose for your car insurance requirements. More details at

Prime Meridian Car Insurance

Prime Meridian is a financial service provider that offers its customers with both short as well as long-term insurance plans, with Prime Meridian car insurance being one of the most popular ones. The company has always focused on their client requirements and hence is offering affordable and relevant insurance cover to the South African community.

The Company offers two different kinds of car insurance plans: first is the prime motor thrift plan and the other one is prime motor assist plan.

Prime Motor Thrift Plan offers car insurance cover for accidental write-off, hijacking, and theft. Third-party protection for up to R250,000; with no prior vehicle inspections. Coverage for the drivers starting from age 19. Also, Coverage for the vehicle for up to 15 years old at inception.

Prime Motor Assist Plan offers insurance cover for as low as R5 per day; the cover that helps retrieve locked keys; reimburse the car hire allowance; coverage for flat batteries and fuel shortages; Insurance to electrical failures and mechanical repairs. Insurance cover for repairing bumper scuffs, minor dents and windscreen chips/cracks.

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King Price Insurance

King Price insurance offers a wide range of short-term insurance products, including car insurance on the top. King Price offers Comprehensive cover, third party cover only and third-party theft and fire cover.

Comprehensive Cover

This plan covers you in the case of damage to your car done because of theft, accident or hijacking, along with any other damages you have caused to other parties or their properties due to the accident.

Third-Party Cover Only

This policy cover is only for the liability for injury to others or the damage that has been caused to their property

Third-party Fire and Theft Cover

This option offers cover for hijacking, theft and any other liability for injury or damage to a third-party as a result of an accident. This policy does not offer accidental damage to your own car.

 King Price v.s. Prime Meridian

Under the prime Meridian car insurance plan, the company offers three different levels of coverage, i.e. 50%, 75% and 100% coverage. The premiums certainly vary based on the amount of coverage the customer chooses. They more coverage demanded the higher will be the premiums. But, you must not forget, although it is higher premium, you are going to pay less should you ever require to make a claim in case if fire, theft, accident or hijacking.

King Price Insurance, on the other hand, also offers three different options along with coverage for car equipment and sound systems, car for hire, for an additional monthly premium. With ‘King Price Assist’ plan, you can benefit with home assist, medical assist, accident assist and roadside assistance.

No matter which one you choose, you need to make sure you are getting the best car insurance cover that not only suits your insurance cover requirements but also rightly fits your budget.


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