Fly to Let Property in Turkey: Two Top Choices

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the hottest property markets in the world right now. Most people who buy overseas property do not do so to live in it; …

Turkey is undoubtedly one of the hottest property markets in the world right now. Most people who buy overseas property do not do so to live in it; some buy as purely an investment, and others buy a holiday home. However, leaving a property thousands of miles away sitting empty is not a good idea, so most holiday home buyers plan to let out their property when not in use, which means (for the most part) they fit into the category of holiday home investors.

Holiday home investors are those who buy a property they can enjoy spending holidays in, but that will also net them an income from holiday rentals when not in use. Depending how much of a factor income is, a holiday home investor must sometimes sacrifice the 100% freedom of choice that a holiday home buyer would normally have.

Most holiday home investors will simply choose a property with good rental potential in the area they wanted their holiday home, but some have to sacrifice their choice of location, in favour of where it will make enough to cover a given proportion of the costs. Anyway, here are some of the top choices for holiday home investors in Turkey.


Some people say Didim is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. The problem with that is that most people who go there on holiday love it, and many of the people who hate it are those who have never been there themselves, but who hate what it, or at least what they think it represents.

Didim property has come to represent low prices; cheap holidays and cheap properties. A lot of people don’t like cheapness, but in the case of Didim it is not cheap like cheap and nasty, it is cheap like affordable and cheap that gives excellent value for money.

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For example, with the price of Didim property being so low you would expect a cow-town, but in actual fact it is becoming a bustling sea-town, now home to the largest marina on the Aegean Sea, which was completed in 2009. The marina is certainly not cheap; it features over 1000 moorings, shops, restaurants, a multi-screen cinema, multiple helipads and more.


Fethiye is special for a very different reason. You often hear those in the property world talking about location, location, location. Fethiye’s location is what makes it one of the top property markets in Turkey, because, thanks to its location it ticks all the boxes to make it appealing to holiday home buyers, investors and of course holiday home investors.

Fethiye is one of the top tourist towns in Turkey, but it also benefits from its proximity to Dalaman and Olu Deniz, both of which are within 20 minutes by car.

In 2008, Dalaman abundance of sun, sea, sand and amenities saw it named as the most popular destination in the world for British tourists according to the Association of British Travel Agents, though ABTA was keen to stress that Spain was still dominant overall. Of course Dalaman also benefits from having its own well served international airport, which serves those flying into Fethiye as well.

Fethiye’s proximity to Olu Deniz is significant because Olu Deniz is government protected for its touristic beauty and appeal. As a result property in Olu Deniz to buy and rent is like hen’s teeth. Thus, owners of Fethiye rental property have a huge pool of potential renters because it attracts lovers of Fethiye, Dalaman and Olu Deniz.

Other Top Spots

Fethiye and Didim are two towns with unique strengths, but there are many more towns in Turkey that make for great holiday home investments. For a successful holiday home investment we are looking for a long season, proximity to an international airport, an abundance of shops and restaurants, and plenty of things to see and do. In Turkey, as well as Didim and Fethiye, Bodrum, Antalya and Dalaman are just three more that tick all the boxes.

Select Resorts is an overseas property agent based in the UK. The firm is currently marketing some of the top resort property in Fethiye and Didim.


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