Geomarketing Next Big Move in Florida Real Estate

News is circulating that more real estate agents and developers are considering the use of geomarketing to promote sales and rental opportunities to potential tenants and property investors. …

News is circulating that more real estate agents and developers are considering the use of geomarketing to promote sales and rental opportunities to potential tenants and property investors. in Florida. Geomarketing utilizes smartphone technology and social media to market products to consumers based on their location, which could prove very attractive for people seeking new homes. Advanced marketing features will allow people to “check in” on websites like Foursquare, which can then be linked to Facebook to create a daisy chain of promotion for new properties. For more on this continue reading the following article from JDSupra.

An interesting article was published recently at, written by Andrew Ryan and Mark Hickman of Virginia’s Commonwealth Partnerships, entitled, " Geo marketing the next wave in social networking."

In the article, Ryan and Hickman discuss home builders and listing brokers using geomarketing as a new tool to market and sell their properties.  This isn’t a new idea – connecting real estate and geomarketing – but it is in its infancy stage, particularly here in Florida.

A few weeks ago, at MultiHousing News, executive editor Keat Foong offered "Check Out Geomarketing," suggesting that geomarketing will be helpful to those seeking to rent out their properties.  Foong argues that apartment buildings are naturals for using GPS technology to connect properties with tenants.

What is geomarketing?

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Essentially, geomarketing is taking advantage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices on smartphones and cars to connect traveling customers with nearby goods and services. In sum, technology exists that allows potential buyers to connect with sellers based upon location – a billboard for the 21st Century of sorts. 

This may not be news to you.  For instance, there are web sites designed to take advantage of GPS technology to connect people based upon where they are at the time, like Foursquare, which either you or your teenager may be a member.  (Or not, Foursquare’s got some growing pains and may or may not be around in a few years.)

Google is also moving into the geomarketing arena, with its GoogleMaps / Google Latitude offering.  And, of course, there’s Facebook.

Let’s use Facebook as an example of how geomarketing works.  In May 2010, Facebook and MacDonald’s announced their partnership in a new geomarketing venture

To introduce everyone to its location features, Facebook expanded its offerings to Facebook users by allowing them to "check in" – which would log their geographic location via GPS: and then, voila, in steps MacDonald’s which spotlights one of its products, available at golden arches conveniently close to them, into their feed.  

Will Geomarketing be the Next Big Thing in Florida Real Estate?  Maybe.

The ability to connect those looking to buy or rent Florida real estate by connecting them via social media technology may be more than a trend, it may be a solid way to find buyers and renters for properties in Florida, both residential and commercial. 

It’s easy to use, after all.  And it’s helpful to both sides of the transaction.  Consider this:  Geomarketing Group USA, Inc. set up its corporate offices here in Miami last year.  Look at their site and consider the future of marketing all sorts of Florida real estate.

This article was republished with persmission from JDSupra.


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