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 Man of Steel is one of the newly launched DC Comics movies. The DC Extended Universe is approaching fast and it is the major movie in the combined …

 Man of Steel is one of the newly launched DC Comics movies. The DC Extended Universe is approaching fast and it is the major movie in the combined universe. This movie about the most argued topic. Unlike most comic movies people love to watch man of steel. The fans are often open to debating about the Man of Steel now the debate taking place whether they hate the movie or love it. Man of steel is one of the most popular comic movies every age group of people love this movie. Moreover, it includes some special effects that offer ultimate experience to the people. But some of the people dislike this movie due to some reasons. It is the common argument some of the people love the movie and some of them hate it. In general three main criticisms that are raised about this movie, such as

  First one is Superman kills Zod?

Superman doesn’t save anyone

 Superman causes too much destruction

In general, People enjoy man of steel movie based on perspective and personal taste, and it is the best movie that includes different facts. It is the great treat for the people, who love comic movies but now the most of them raising questions against this movie,      

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Man Of Steel                

1. Superman Kills Zod

 It is the loudest argument from people; this question will be raised from the people who dislike the film. At the end of this movie Zod is indeed killed by Superman but it is not necessary because superman also have choice in the matter. Early in the movie, Zod states that he will kill every human but in this series Superman in a near impossible position that adds depth to the story.

2. The Second Argument : Superman Doesn’t Save Anyone,

 But it is not true, because Superman in man of steel saves plenty of people in the entire movie. In the beginning of the movie, superman saves the oil rig workers as well as the coast guard pilots. Superman effectively saved the planet from different problems and Superman did save people throughout the film. But he was not saving everyone left as well as right, but he saves many people in powerful moment, and superman will eventually lay our eyes and everyone wants to enjoy this movie.

3. The Third Debate:  Is That Superman Causes Too Much Damage

 Of course, superman causes many damages in this movie. Superman does cause damages but it’s not entirely his fault. Of course most of the people tend to forget there was a machine destroying different things. More than eight five percentage of the damage caused in Metropolis was lead by world engine machine but people do not consider these damages. Obviously, it is the important argument to agree with.

   Still now most of the people love this movie and they also consider it is one of the best comic book movies of all time, obviously it is better comic movie, and still people enjoy every scenes of this movie.


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