Getting Your Home Ready For The Winter Months

The winter months can be tough on us all, and whether the forecast is for a blanket of snow, or just a bit of frost on the ground, …

The winter months can be tough on us all, and whether the forecast is for a blanket of snow, or just a bit of frost on the ground, it’s important to be well prepared. Everyone wants to come home to a nice cosy house, so when it comes to planning for winter this is usually the first place people look at. Here are a few ways you can get ready for the winter months, and avoid the issues associated with the cold weather.

Get your boiler serviced

If your central heating runs on a boiler then an annual check is essential. It can even be a legal requirement in certain areas when a home is rented out. Your boiler provides heat for your home, as well as hot water, and it’s more susceptible to a breakdown during the coldest months.

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A boiler service will include:

  • Checks of all the parts
  • Ensuring it’s running to best capacity
  • Looking out for any potential problems
  • Simple servicing to ensure maximum efficiency

That’s why it’s worth getting it scheduled before the cold sets in, so you can avoid any issues, and get an engineer in before the busy season.

Stock up on fuel

There’s nothing worse than running out of fuel, and if your home becomes difficult to access, for example because of snow, you may find it difficult to get your fuel delivered. Luckily, you can get home heating oil delivered across Northern Ireland, and can make sure you’re stocked up in the months before a big freeze. This will make life much easier, and ensure you have fuel to get you through any periods of being snowed in. You could also plan regular deliveries through the winter months for when you are using more oil.


Insulating your home will help you to use less fuel and keep the heat in. You could look at options such as adding a film to your windows to keep draughts from coming in, and adding extra insulation to your loft. These things are cheap, but can save money in the long term. If you have gaps in your door, then consider using a draught excluder to stop any cold chills. Taking these measures before the weather turns will make it easier to do the job, and means you can avoid a spike in fuel bills.

Not everyone enjoys the winter months, and when you know that the cold weather is coming, it’s best to get prepared. This could be through insulating your home, or by making sure you have enough fuel, so you can avoid the ill effects of the cold weather. Keeping warm helps you recover from winter illnesses and makes the cold months so much better, and it’s especially important for the elderly, young children, or anyone who is sick. That’s why you should get your home ready for winter before the weather changes so you are prepared.


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