Gold Mining and dealing(exporting) UK /Sierra Leone Companies-Already Licensed

Short Summary Ethical Gold (UK) Limited incorporated in the United Kingdom and formed to operate Gold and Diamond mining in Sierra Leone, West Africa as Ethical Gold (SL) …

Short Summary

Ethical Gold (UK) Limited incorporated in the United Kingdom and formed to operate Gold and Diamond mining in Sierra Leone, West Africa as Ethical Gold (SL) Ltd. Also with our Export Licence (Already issued) we will facilitate Gold deals for overseas companies and individuals in a secure and safe manner.

Cash may be King but Gold is God!


Ethical Gold (SL) Ltd. is now incorporated and holds a gold exporters license in Sierra Leone, with offices in Makeni, one of the main mining towns.


This is a start up operation requiring relatively small investment to succeed, $73,111 (£45,000).

The FULL Business Plan will detail the operation and financials available.  Pleaase visit:

Why invest in alluvial gold?

Low capital investments

Placer gold is usually found close to the Earth’s surface and can thus be accessed more easily. Conventional hard rock mining can be considered profitable from about 1 g of gold per tonne of rock, but mining alluvial gold can be economical from as little as 0.2 g per cubic meter of gravel. Placer gold deposits can contain substantially high gold grades.

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Why we will make money very early in the project…

Unlike larger operations that invest heavily in excavators, bulldozers etc. with high running costs, we will invest in local labour and excavate manually.  However, initially, even this cost will be reduced by working old diamond tailings that are known to have very healthy gold content.  So while still providing employment to local people the emphasis will be on feeding the 10t per hour processing plant from existing stockpiles and therefore recovering gold from basically day one.


This method of operation will be considered as a Joint Venture with the land owners and we will retain around 80% of recovered product.

By commencing our in country operations in this manner will also demonstrate to the local artisan and small scale miners that our equipment is efficient and cost effective and will not destroy jobs.  This will result in our trommel services being accepted within a shorter time frame.

As with all new ideas in Africa, no one believes or will commit until you are on the ground and people have witnessed things personally.

What returns can you expect on the loan (Partially secured on equipment) or Equity Investment (High risk – High return)

Loan $77,111 (£45,000)  Interest and capital repayments over 3 years with 33 payments + 5% shares.

OR Equity Investment – 20% share holding.


Loan capital and interest repayments    5% Dividend Payment                   20% Equity Dividend Payment                                  

Year 1                    $29,511                 $ 2, 500                                                 $10,000

Year 2                    $39,348                 $  7,500                                                 $30,000                                

Year 3                    $39,348                 $12,500                                                 $50,000                                

Year 4                    $                             $17,500                                                  $70,000                                

Year 5                    $                             $20,000                                                  $80,000                                                                


Total                      $ 108,207             $60,000                                                 $240,000


GRAND TOTAL $168,207                                                            GRAND TOTAL  $240,000

Basically more than double your money within 5 years and ongoing!

Contact us for FULL Business Plan


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