Great Things To Invest In Or Great Investments to Keep

 When there is extra money to invest or an investment to keep, using your judgment to the best of your abilities is paramount. Using Old Home To Pay …

 When there is extra money to invest or an investment to keep, using your judgment to the best of your abilities is paramount.

Using Old Home To Pay Off New Home

One of the best things that can be done is to use a 2nd or 3rd home as an income property. If the home is fully paid off then the rent that is paid can be used to pay off your new home. This not only gives passive income to the owner but also can be great if the house is appreciating at the time. This is something that cannot be stressed enough for people who are buying a new home. Selling your old home is a bad move as this home can keep generating income for you and your family. This goes for most of the properties that a person owns unless the area is depreciating at an alarming rate. You can take from tenants to pay your mortgage and if you got your mortgage with Newcastle permanent then you will have the best rates for saving everyone money!


This is one of the unsung heroes of the millennial generation that is not being used to its full potential. It might seem like a lifetime away to be investing heavily in retirement in your 20’s but this can end up paying off. Employees who have their company matching a certain amount of money should be investing in their 401K without a doubt. There aren’t many times that a company is willing to give you free money just by investing in your retirement. Even as little as a couple hundred of dollars a month can add up to quite a large sum as this accrues interest and it not taxable until the funds are withdrawn.

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Build Your Nest Egg

The way that some nest eggs are built is by putting money into a low yield stock that always seems to be going up. There are stocks that consistently deliver and can yield much more than a savings account in terms of interest accrued. This nest egg can be used for many different things and saved for emergencies. If no emergencies come and nest egg keeps growing then consider putting more money into a 401K or even live out a trip of a lifetime.

Pay Off Debts As Quickly As Possible

Whenever there are debts that have interest piling up on them and there is money left over paying these debts is important for many reasons. The payment of these debts will save you money over time and possibly can help your credit score if it was suffering.

Shameless Self Promotion

Many people flock to the internet to find services and companies. Making yourself or company stand out in the industry with some extra individual promotion online can be a game changer for an individual. For example, many real estate agents promote themselves because they are building their personal brands as well as the company they represent.

All of these investments will come back and save or make you money in the long run. When investing money, a person should look at the long term rather than just making the quick dollar. 


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