Have a Big Bang Idea? Invest in good legal advice on Intellectual Property

With the growing number of innovations and great discoveries on a daily basis comes the threat of intellectual property theft. You may observe that there are people who …

With the growing number of innovations and great discoveries on a daily basis comes the threat of intellectual property theft. You may observe that there are people who struggle to keep their ideas under wraps so that no one can claim them as their own. On the other hand, there are those individuals who pour their heart and soul into finding innovative solutions to existing problems only to end up in gruesome legal tussles with their employer over who owns the intellectual property rights.

The biggest threat to innovation today is not that people are not creative enough but that there is minimal awareness of the legal implications with regards to intellectual property. This kind of ignorance has seen many ends up in desperate situations and sometimes it can be as catastrophic as a threat to one’s livelihood.

There are people who have delivered great ideas but never had the chance to reap the benefits of their inventions. Someone somewhere was smarter and more manipulative than them, and managed to steal their idea before their bare eyes. The most painful thing about it is that this ‘intellectual property thief’ ends up enjoying the fruits of your labor in form of financial gain. Before you get all excited about the next big idea, you need to be aware of the legislative framework and get yourself a good Intellectual Property Law Attorney. You may just save your legacy and earn millions while at it.

How to screen your list of attorneys

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It is important that you get yourself an attorney who is credible, competent and gives you value for money. Here are some guidelines that you can consider in your search:

1.     When searching online, be keen on the biographical information of the attorney. There has to be extensive information about their expertise, the work they have done, the cases they have handled and their outcomes. Their biographical information should give you a general impression that this person knows their stuff.

2.       As you search, think outside the box. Use some keywords and check whether the name of the attorney appears among those on the top of the list. Check for any additional pursuits they may have for instance, do they teach or do they write for known law publications? All this information can help you to cross reference.

3.       Take time and visit the governing body of professional lawyers and attorneys available in your locality. You do not want to pick a lawyer who has been disbarred.

4.       Another appropriate way to search is to check out the media. You need to find out whether there has been any publicity or news about any of the cases the potential lawyer has handled. You also need to check whether they advertise their services and whether or not their messaging is compelling, attractive and more so convinces you to sign them up in a heartbeat. Creativity is key.


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